Make 2021 Count

This year, we want to rediscover the go-getter in us and fulfil our natural sense for wonder, to seek shared adventures and to pursue those moments to bring home cherished memories. We want to feel amazing again living once-in-a-lifetime experiences but more importantly, to get back to our best selves from these journeys of self-discovery.

Loyal to our will to instill the spirit of optimism in our guests, “Thrive Again with Club Med” is a content series which invites you to explore, learn and flourish. As we believe that purpose of life is to be happy, we’ve thrown together our togetherness potions, happiness secret sauces, all-included random doses of kindness that are the signature of a stay in Club Med, to allow you to finally thrive again.

From reconnecting with wild nature in Cherating to the cultural richness of Phuket, from sustainability stories, history lessons to local craft ideas, it’s about bringing inspiration and aspiration to life

Let’s prepare to travel again with travel advice as well as some unexpected travel hacks to help you bring your A-game on your first holiday experience after a year

We re-discover our best selves again by re-connecting with people, being inspired by their stories and appreciating what makes them laugh

Inspirational and aspirational content bringing culture, nature and adventure to life

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