A pioneer with a responsible vision

Sowing the seeds towards global sustainable tourism

For more than 60 years, sustainability has been part of the Club Med DNA. Throughout our history, we’ve forged a strong belief: the moments of happiness we offer to our guests are to be shared; they cannot be experienced at the expense of others or of nature.

That’s why we’re making sure that our development reflects what we know today as sustainable development: our resorts blend in harmoniously in their exceptional sites, we’re being extremely vigilant with energy efficiency, saving, treating and recycling our water, promoting renewable energy sources, controlling the water treatment and recycling techniques…

All the while we’re contributing to local development and bringing together in harmony people of very different origins, religions, nationalities, and settings… That’s what we want Club Med to be about.

Working Hard To Preserve Our Dream Locations


We’re progressively eradicating single-use plastic items from all our resorts worldwide, to reduce our footprint and keep the ocean clean.

Did you know that out of the 8 million tonnes of plastics dumped in the ocean each year, more than half comes from Asia?

Therefore we’ve removed all single use plastic items (eg, straws, cups, cutlery, containers etc) at our bars and restaurants. At Club Med Phuket alone, we’ve already seen a decrease of approximately 1,000 straws per day!

Since 2020, amenities are only provided upon request in order to reduce waste. Plastic-free items will be available in all Asia resorts from 2022.


Preserving nature is one of our fundamental values. Right from the moment we design our resorts, we feel a deep sense of responsibility to protect our local environment.

We make a priority of harmoniously integrating our resorts with their exceptional natural surroundings, preserving the natural flora and fauna and keep those beautiful spaces and parks as untouched as possible. In all Club Med resorts, the built-up surfaces only cover 7% of the total site surface, allowing our guests to spend their holidays in incredibly well preserved places.

When creating our beautiful natural garden at The Finolhu Villas, 95% of the island’s plant life was grown on site by our Club Med team. Only 5% of the plants were brought in to bring some colour. Moreover, we house plants with low consumption of water and only grey water is used – making sure we’re making the most of natural resources and reducing our footprint!

Find out more about our actions in the Maldives


Currently 74% of our resorts worldwide have been awarded “Green Globe Certified” for Sustainable Tourism, including Club Med Bali, Club Med Cherating Beach, Club Med Phuket, and many more!

The Green Globe certification is the highest and most thoroughly tested standard of responsible tourism. It is reviewed twice per year, and resorts must prove amazing levels of sustainability across all aspects, from training and recruiting staff, to food and energy wastage, resort construction and biodiversity preservation, including the preservation of local culture of the surrounding communities.

100% of our All-Inclusive resorts in Asia are Green Globe certified. Our aim is to have all of our resorts certified in the near future.

Monitoring Our Use Of Water

Over the last years, we’ve made a conscious effort to reduce water consumption in our resorts, reducing it by 12.5% in hydric-stressed zones from 2010 to 2015.

Moreover, 100% of our water waste is treated, and currently 89% of resorts have water flow reducers.

Preserving Biodiversity

From respecting the fauna and flora of the natural areas during the construction of our resorts to protecting endangered species, we play an important role in the preservation of biodiversity.

Indeed, we’re actively protecting 1,000ha of primary Atlantic forests near Club Med Rio das Pedras, and over 60ha of primary tropical forests near Club Med Cherating Beach.

Moreover, we’re always trying to find ways to protect endangered species around our resorts. The turtle nursery at Club Med Bintan Island allows us to nurse sea turtles back to health and promote their breeding, the artificial reef at Club Med Kani and fish refuge at The Finolhu Villas help preserve the ocean’s biodiversity in the Maldives, Club Med Cherating Beach’s natural site provides a home for macaque monkeys and many more tropical species…

Spreading Kindness Through Environmental Awareness

Holidays are a time to relax, but also a time to grow and learn. We love it when our guests, big and small, partake in our efforts to protect our planet. Whether it’s by putting up posters about how our guests can work with us to do their part for the environment or inviting them to our Green Activities, we feel truly rewarded when guests come back home feeling closer to nature, full of ideas on how to live more sustainably.


On average, 90% of good, materials, and produce in our resorts is purchased from local suppliers. Sourcing our food from local and agro-ecological farmers allows us to serve fresh and locally-grown produce in our restaurants, providing our guests with in-season, organic and pesticide-free food that goes directly from farm to fork.

We source sustainably, and you reap the benefits - it's better for the environment and for YOU. Plus, your tastebuds will go on an extraordinary journey, discovering the local culinary culture and local delicacies at our buffets. You can even enjoy cooking lessons with local chefs!

Local farmers are supported, we know where our products come from, and our guests get to eat healthy in-season food! That’s a real luxury.

Find out more about our actions in Bali


More than 15,000 G.O.s are trained each year on sustainability, learning how to help preserve our environment. Our G.O.s then raise awareness among our guests through eco-initiatives, bring forward new ideas on how Club Med can become more sustainable, and coordinate the environmentally-friendly initiatives in our resorts.

We’re also lucky to have real experts on biodiversity and sustainability in our resorts, including our “Green G.O” at Club Med Cherating Beach and our marine biologist at Club Med Kani!

Partake In Unique Resort Initiatives

Protecting Wildlife With Our Turtle Sanctuary

Playing a vital role in local fauna conservation, our Turtle Sanctuary at Club Med Bintan Island protects the beachside breeding grounds of two endangered species, the Green and Leatherback turtles. The Sanctuary also acts as a research facility, and as a sickbay for injured turtles to be nursed back to health.

Last summer alone, over 200 baby turtles have been successfully released from our turtle sanctuary at Club Med Bintan Island!

Ecological Walks To Discover The Wildlife

At multiple resorts, our G.O.s organise ecological walks every week to collect waste from local areas – and guests are invited! Those educational and fun eco treks are the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature.

In Club Med Cherating Beach for example, guests get to reconnect with nature, discover the incredible preserved forests surrounding the resort, and learn about wildlife protection, guided by our Green G.O.

Teaching Sustainability To The Little Ones

Sharing Eco-Attitudes With Children

We believe in helping kids better understand and appreciate the local environment through fun and inspiring activities. They’ll never forget seeing the turtles hatch at Club Med Bintan Island, or discovering fishes’ ecosystem on the underwater trail at Club Med Kani.

Encouraging Mutual Cultural Exchange

Your little ones get to make new friends from all over the world! Local kids are invited to come play at Kids Club – playing local games in small groups, creating artwork and painting together, learning a few words in their different languages. Friendship has no borders! In Club Med Bali, kids from Bali Life are invited or from other institutions.

Find out more about our green initiatives in Club Med Bali

Contributing To Local Development

Respecting our host country and its population is one of Club Med’s founding principles. Our vocation is to promote the well-being of all concerned, and we could never have established ourselves in countries of such varied cultures if hadn’t built our resorts in a profound spirit of responsibility and respect towards our hosts and staff.

Committed To Respect Our Hosts


Every year, more than 2,000 voluntary G.O.s take action to educate local communities on recycling, equality, and to bring them joy through entertainment and games.

Whether it’s inviting local children to the resort to interact with holidaying families, welcoming them in the resort for sports lessons, organizing English and computer classes, or providing them with school support, our inspiring G.O.s lead over 140 projects to support thousands of families.

Committed To Invest In Our Staff

Convinced that happy G.Os make happy G.Ms


The presence of our resort in a territory brings economic and social benefits to the region, in particular through local employment. It is our aim to go further, and to strive to maximize and extend these benefits.

75% of jobs in our resorts are created locally. More than 15,000 G.O. are trained each year, due to the diversity of activities offered in our resorts. Thanks to their rich and diversified career paths, 20% of our GOs progressed onto new roles within a year. Moreover, 100% of Chiefs of Village are recruited internally.

Over the years, we've developed unique expertise in the management of people from different origin, culture, nationality and religion, with a zero discrimination policy:

§ Over 100 nationalities are represented in our resorts and offices worldwide
§ In France, the employment rate of disabled people is of 4.7%
§ More than 40% of top management positions are occupied by women, and we’re in the top 10 companies in the SBF120 for the percentage of women on the board of directors

Celebrating Sustainability our way

In Club Med, sustainability has always been part of our DNA. And we are constantly looking for ways on how to take our involvement to the next level.

After a successful first edition last year, we brought back the second edition of Green Week to create a collective movement in our Asia Pacific resorts.

Throughout the week, we dedicated one specific topic each day, to raise awareness on sustainability and local development.

Take a look at the fun and engaging activities that were held in our resorts!

On the first day, we are making it all about nature. Walk around the compound and reconnect with nature through hands-on activities, or learn more about how we can do our part to protect our environment.

Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido, Japan

Club Med Bali, Indonesia

Club Med Cherating Beach, Malaysia

The Club Med Foundation

The Club Med Foundation Is Celebrating Its 40th Anniversary!

In our resorts and offices around the world, thousands of G.Os give their time, their goodwill and their expertise in support of local charitable projects. Since 1978, they've taken action in the areas of childhood, social action, education programs, integration through sport, and sustainable development, investing themselves in more than 140 different projects. For 40 years, the Club Med Foundation has supported their commitment.

Our ambition: to continue to show the way towards a more sustainable tourism, which means a more desirable tourism.



2020 CSR Report

Since 2007, Club Med has published an annual CSR report to comply with the growing and legitimate regulatory accountability requirements, sometimes exceeding them, but above all in a spirit of sincerity towards its stakeholders and continuous progress.

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Sustainability In Our Resorts

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