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Sun or snow, near or far: your holiday, your choice! With a choice of close to 80 Club Med resorts, whether in Europe, Asia, Africa, America or the Caribbean, you will be sure to find your dream destination.

East meets West in an explosion of different landscapes and cultures. Asia is home to white sandy beaches, snow-topped volcanoes, sparkling blue seas and dramatic vistas. For cultural marvels, look no further than the traces of its ancient dynasties, the vine-covered temples and historical traditions. Zen is the word!

from ฿ 5,555.00 instead of ฿ 10,100.00 Per night per adult*



Cast away your worries and enjoy sublime relaxation on one of the Indian Ocean's remote islands. With beaches you could only dream of, the clearest of waters, your own Robinson Crusoe-style lodgings, and a clement climate, you are guaranteed a getaway like no other in the heart of stunning surroundings.

from ฿ 8,580.00 instead of ฿ 14,100.00 Per night per adult*



Discover a different side to the Alps, known for their memorable winter skiing vacations. The highest and most extensive mountains in Europe also provide the perfect backdrop for summer activities, and the charming Alpine villages give the area a strong cultural identity with traditional artisan activities.

A rich history and a varied landscape await you in Europe. Majestic Alpine mountains rise up from the green and pleasant castle-dotted land. Whether you're looking for a beach or culture vacation, you won't be disappointed. With world-renowned museums and miles of stunning coastline, there's something for everyone.

Think of the Caribbean and you are instantly transported to tropical beaches, blue lagoons, warm trade winds and verdant vegetation. This tropical paradise also offers a wide range of activities for all ages, making it the perfect exotic getaway. What are you waiting for?

Re-conquer the New World! Between the Arctic Circle and the Caribbean Sea, discover snow-capped mountains and sandy beachfronts. Or explore Central America, and walk in the footsteps of great civilizations such as the Mayas, while admiring the wide range of animal and plant life to be found in the fertile forests.

Ancient cultures and stunning landscapes await you in South America. Discover the biodiversity of the Amazon, breathtaking mountains, stunning beaches, expansive deserts and equatorial jungles. With its architectural heritage and imprint of the Incas, the continent's fiery Latin passion is sure to seduce you.

With a unique mix of the traditional and contemporary, Africa is known for its contrasting character. Fertile forests, arid deserts and expansive savannas meet bustling capitals hiding the vestiges of ancient civilizations. Hospitality comes as standard, the food is deliciously spicy and the sun is ever-present.