An introduction to Club Med language

For your Club Med holidays

G.M, G.O, Chief of Village, Crazy Signs... these are some of the words you will often hear in the resort. Don’t worry, we’ve created this small glossary especially for you.


G.Os are Club Med’s friendly organizers. Their goal is to help you make your stay unforgettable


G.Es are Club Med’s friendly employees that are also major players in your amazing stay at a Club Med. For example, they are your housekeeping team, kitchen team – all necessary talents to make your stay unforgettable


G.Ms - that’s you! The friendly members and guests of the Resort, here to enjoy your vacation with us.

Chief Of Village

The Chief of Village is the Resort Manager, who manages the Resort and the team of G.Os® and G.Es®. You’ll see him or her during your stay: at breakfast, at the bar, at the restaurant and even on stage!


In Club Med, All-Inclusive means All-inclusive. We allow you to enjoy your vacation without anything to hold you back. Enjoy it all and worry about nothing, the price of your package includes all necessary services:

  • Accommodation
  • Ski and snowboard lessons, with ski passes
  • All day food & beverage
  • Kids Club for children ages 4 to 17
  • Sports and activities
  • Evening entertainment
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Resort – you will hear this when referring to your Club Med playground. Our Club Med Resorts are built on a human scale. You’ll quickly feel at home.

Facilitate Your Arrival

Information about childcare, check-in and check-out information, equipment rental and sign-ups for ski classes in the Mountain Resorts. Our Facilitate Your Arrival* service allows you to prepare your trip so that everything will be ready when you’ll arrive.

*Depending on the Resorts


Club Med Pass or Digital Bracelet*

Your Club Med Pass or Digital Bracelet* will be your room key, ski locker key and your payment method for any potential extras in our Mountain Resorts.

*Depending on the Resorts

Crazy Signs

Crazy Signs are Club Med’s signature dance moves. They are very easy to learn with the help of our G.Os® and are a part of Club Med’s DNA. Come and tag along, you will have a lot of fun.

Dress Code

In the evening, we invite our guests to follow the lead of our G.Os by wearing simple and elegant whites, jeans and black tee shirts... Of course, it is never mandatory to follow the dress code, but it’s a fun way to share the Club Med spirit.

Baby Club Med

A childcare center for babies ages 4 to 23 months old. (2 groups: walkers and non-walkers). With our G.O.s®, your children will discover activities adapted to their age and environment (motor skills games, creative activities, musical games, nursery rhymes, learning games and speech games) and the pleasures of the snow in our Mountain Resorts (walks in the open air, snow games...). Of course, we don’t forget naps, quiet time and delicious little meals. Remember, Baby Club Med® is a supplementary service that can be space-limited and available in a selection of Resorts.

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Petit Club Med

A kids club for your children ages from two to three years old. They will enjoy outdoors outings, creative activities, makeup, music games, board games, construction games, nap time and quiet time... and in our Mountain Resorts, three-year olds can even, with a supplement and upon sign-up, begin learning how to ski.

Remember, Petit Club Med® is a supplementary service that can be space-limited and available in a selection of Resorts.

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Mini Club Med

A kids club for your children ages from four to ten years old. Your kids will enjoy art classes, rehearsing for shows and playing big group games with their friends and G.O.s®...

And in the Mountain Resorts, they will ski alongside their French Ski School instructors.

This service is included in your package.

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Junior Club Med or Club Med Passworld

A teen club (Junior Club Med) and a dedicated space (Club Med Passworld®) for your kids from eleven to seventeen with creative activities, art project and sports as well as special night parties. In our Mountain Resorts, teens can also enjoy ski courses!
This service is included in your package.

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