Phuket Old Town is the perfect place to explore if you are seeking to find some beautiful street art while visiting Phuket. The street art and murals perfectly contrast the traditional Sino-Portuguese style buildings, which are an attraction in themselves, while not taking away from their beauty or overpowering them.

Street art began popping up around Phuket Old Town from 2016, when a collaboration between a local artist and a property developer produced an initiative called, “F.A.T Phuket” - standing for food, art and town. The initiative attracted some of Thailand’s top street artists and this is why there is so much beautiful street art to now be admired in Phuket Old Town – and why so much of the street art Phuket in fact features food items. You will be able to easily spend at least half the day here, appreciating the uniqueness of each of the murals that you come across.

Continue reading to find out where exactly you can find beautiful street art in Phuket Old Town, according to Club Med:

Dibuk Road

There are a number of murals to be found on Dibuk Road in Phuket Town. Two very popular pieces of street art are the “Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons” piece and “The King Bhumibol Mural”.

After the death of the King in 2016 the memorial piece was painted on a wall along Dibuk Road, depicting different aspects of the King's life, and showing that he is now above the clouds in heaven. The artist for this piece is 4Studio.

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Phang-Nga Road

Moving on to the popular Phang-Nga Road in Phuket Old Town, you will continue to find some fantastic pieces of street art. Spanning around the corner of Phang Nga road you will witness the stunning work of a popular artist called Mue Bon. Here you will spot his signature bird design, hitching a ride on a flying turtle while leaving a trail of rainbow coloured spray paint along the walls behind him.

Additionally, outside of the Tu Kab Khao restaurant on Phang-Nga Road, you will set your eyes upon an unmissable giant lobster. This is a great spot for a fun photo opportunity.

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Thalang Road

Thawatyon Motorbike Repair Shop at the Thalang-Krabi roads intersection is the oldest motorbike repair shop in Phuket Old Town. On the outside of the shop is some beautiful street art to show off the nature of the shop itself - you can’t miss it.

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Rommanee Road

The 'Red Turtle Cake' mural, created by artist Alex Face, can be found at the junction of Romanee Road and Thalang Road in Phuket Old Town. This is a very popular piece of street art which many people come to admire, particularly during the Por Tor Kong festival - Thai Chinese people believe the spirits of their ancestors are released during their visits to the annual festival. The red turtle cake is essential to the festival as it is seen as the symbol of good luck, fortune, and long life. This is a fantastic piece of street art to get an insight into Thai Chinese culture and celebrations.

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Krabi Road

At the entrance of, Baan Chinpracha house, one of a number of beautiful mansions left abandoned in Phuket Old Town but recently converted into a museum open for visits, you will find a beautiful piece of street art titled “the bride and groom” to be admired. The wall mural of “the bride and the groom”, depicts how couples dressed to be married in the past in Phuket.

Another “not to be missed” piece of street art to be found along the Krabi road is the marvelous, “children with firecrackers” piece. This can be found opposite the renowned Ko Benz boiled rice restaurant, at the intersection of Krabi and Patiphat Road. It is a fantastic mural that portrays children in white clothing playing with firecrackers in the midst of a street parade. This mural is representative of the world-renowned, annual Phuket vegetarian festival.

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Ranong Road

Another road in which you will find street art in Phuket Old Town is Ranong Road. At the entrance of Wat Kajorn Rangsan Temple, you will witness street art which depicts an image of a teacher and her students. The reason behind this theme is because Wat Kajorn Rangsan Temple was one of the first schools in Phuket Old Town.

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Ratsada Road

Our final suggestion for where to find street art in Phuket Old Town is on Ratsada Road. Here you will find a mural with a whimsical theme behind it, titled the “Sweet Dream Girl”. This mural depicts a girl dressed in Baba-style clothing, which is usually worn for a wedding ceremony in Phuket Town. She is fast asleep on her bed with a bunch of sweets in her hand. The eye-catching street art piece can be found in the alley next to the Hongkong Restaurant on Ratsada Road. It is a sure favourite of the street art which you will find in Phuket Old Town.

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