For many, the Maldives is all about lounging on pristine beaches and swimming in its crystal clear waters. While you might think that there's not much else to do in a resort if you don't venture off the island, there are actually plenty of activities you can do that are fun and will keep you fit, especially in Club Med Maldives Kani and Finolhu Villas.

We not only provide gym facilities at our resorts, but also fitness lessons and various sports. Below are all the sports and fitness activities we offer that are sure to improve your stay in the Maldives.

Stay Fit with Fitness Classes and Facilities

After getting a tan on the beach or taking a dip in the ocean, why not join a fitness class, taught by our own fitness instructors? You can relax in a yoga initiation group lesson or raise your heart rate in a conditioning exercise class. There's nothing more calming and rejuvenating like doing yoga on the Maldives beach, but if you're up for a more physically involved session, you can try paddleboard yoga on the water. If group classes are not for you, you can always head to the weights and cardio room which is fully equipped for you to work out on your own.

Play Ball on The Beach

Both our resorts at Club Med Maldives Kani and Finolhu Villas offer competitive sports to our guests. And with the space afforded on our private islands, you can play in privacy to your heart's content. The sports that we offer include:

Soccer and Beach Soccer - Play soccer on the field or on the sand; it's your choice. Gather a group of friends or even just your family and show off your fancy football moves, and just have fun. You can also ditch the footwear and play it on the sand where your skills really come into play. Dribbling and scoring goals in an island paradise - that deserves to be on any holiday itinerary.

Badminton - If you only have two people in your vacation party, why not get into a game of beach badminton or two during your stay? This sport requires only two pieces of equipment: a racket and a shuttlecock. Your goal is to get the shuttlecock to land in your opponent's side of the court, and while you play in the sand, chasing and hitting it is a lot of fun. You can take your game any way you want, be it relaxed or competitive. Playing badminton on the Maldives beach is surely a unique experience and we greatly recommend it.

Beach Volleyball - Beach volleyball is an iconic pastime during a beach holiday and what better place to play it than in the Maldives? The best thing about sports is, they're great for kids so if you've always wanted to try this sport, you can play it in our resorts with your family. We always have our beach court net ready for our guests, so you'll always have access to a game when you want it. This beach sport is a great way to break a sweat and have fun!

Feel the Thrill on a Flying Trapeze

Have a taste of what it feels to fly in a circus with our flying trapeze school. Our expert instructors will teach you all you need to know to soar through the sky and perform impressive manoeuvers including catching your partner in midair. We emphasise safety in all our activities so you'll be tied to a safety harness and have a safety net below you throughout the lesson. You'll also get to learn juggling and slacklining, so you can show off your new skills to family and friends when you get back home.

At Club Med Kani and Finolhu Villas, we take pride in providing a wholesome holiday experience to our guests. That's why our all-inclusive resorts have everything you need from an international dining menu to a range of excursions and activities. You can spend your whole vacation at our resorts and have a blast without worrying about your itinerary. So pack your bags and book a stay with us!

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