Packed with pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, Phuket is no doubt known as one of the finest beach destinations in Southeast Asia.

This bustling island province in Thailand is popular for tourists in the region and internationally, especially families. Packed with a host of family-friendly attractions to offer as well as endless activities for all ages, here are just some of many family experiences you can discover when you visit Phuket.

1. Connect with Nature

Here in Phuket, families can rejoice in nature with endless beaches and waters to swim, snorkel, and even spot rare marine animals by the shore. When you visit Club Med Phuket, be sure to jump on our island excursions with your kids and explore the many natural destinations Phuket has to offer.

On our excursion to Phang Nga Bay via junk boat, you and your family can explore the natural island surroundings via canoe and enjoy the peacefulness and clean air. Then jump on a visit “James Bond Island” via long-tail boat before heading back for a nice, cool dip in the sea.

Then reach the Coral and Maiton islands happen via speedboat. No nature excursion is complete without spotting the beautiful sea creatures, and even some dolphins in their natural habitat near Maiton Island! It’s one experience both children and adults are sure to enjoy.

2. Lay Back by the Beach

The province of Phuket is home to Thailand’s largest island as well as 32 other breathtaking smaller islands of its coast.

The Phi Phi Islands are a group of islands close to Phuket and Krabi, featuring some of the clearest, bluest waters in the province. It is known for the famous Maya Bay, which is home to several beaches, sheltered by 100-metre high cliffs. Reconnect with your loved ones on one of these many beaches, and don’t miss a trip to the clean and tranquil Bamboo Island to revitalise and relax for that much needed quiet bonding time.

3. Explore Cultural Phuket

If you have culture or history junkies in the family, be sure to join us for a cultural excursion to some of Phuket’s famous cultural attractions, including Chalong Bay and Historical Phuket.

Visit the famous rum distillery at Chalong Bay and join a cocktail workshop to learn how to whip up a marvelous Thai cocktail or mix rum-based drinks as you discover how this alcoholic beverage is made.

For something more kid-friendly, explore Historical Phuket – where you can take in the Sino-Portugese architecture and uncover the secrets of the town’s tin mining history. While you’re there, don’t miss fantastic photo-taking opportunities. Get an amazing bird’s eye views of Phuket and Kata Beach when you climb to the top of Big Buddha and learn about the importance of Buddhism in this region.

4. Relax and Be Entertained

If you’re here to just relax and have fun with your loved ones, why not jump aboard our Catamaran Sunset Cruise and catch the sun set along the horizon? It’s perfect for families big and small, and there are endless opportunities to take in the sights and snap photos as a token to keep for generations.

Then spend the night watching the many bright and colourful shows and performances in the area for the perfect family entertainment. Already sent the kids off for bedtime? Don’t miss the Simon Cabaret at Patong, and catch the drop-dead gorgeous performers in stunning costumes for an unforgettable cabaret experience.

5. Learn to Cook the Thai Way

Thai cuisine is known for its flavourful and complex nuances, and there’s no better place to whip out the perfect Thai dish than in Phuket. Impress your wife and even have fun with the kids when you learn to whip up a pad thai or tom yam soup when you go on a Thai cooking lesson in partnership with Mekhala Living. It’s a gastronomic adventure that everyone ages 12 and up can partake in, and will be sure to enjoy!

6. Shoot Your Shots with Archery Classes

Bring everyone in the family to learn something new when you join us at Club Med Phuket’s archery group lessons. In your lessons, learn how to hold a bow and arrow safely, and then learn to target effectively. Available for everyone at every level, beginner or advanced, young or old, our archery group lessons are the perfect family activity to bond over and enjoy together. Besides, there’s no other way to bring a family together than with a sport that everyone can play together.

7. Fly the Trapeze or Reach New Heights on the Trampoline

Join the circus as a family and learn to fly the trapeze and do crazy tricks on the trampoline. Available for those aged four and above, Club Med Phuket has all the equipment and experts to safely teach your children how to achieve their dreams of being a skilled acrobat, and for parents, awaken the child in you. Let our expert instructors teach you beginner tricks and skills, and the trapeze and trampoline will help you and your young ones defy gravity and reach for the skies.

8. Learn to Box the Thai Way

Learn Thai boxing at its birthplace for a local experience that is fit for you and your family. Whether you or your family members are a beginner or a seasoned expert, discover new ways of learning this sport together with our Thai boxing group lessons. Ease into the art of Thai boxing by learning how to kick and punch the Thai way, while getting the adrenaline pumping. Lessons are open to those aged eight and above, so your kids don’t have to be left behind!

9. Golf And Tennis School

Club Med Phuket offers golf and tennis players, both novice and expert, with out golf and tennis schools. Our group lessons means you can practise the technical skills with your family and guide them along the way. With in-resort golf facilities and tennis courts, you can even elevate the fun outside of your group lessons and challenge your family members to a friendly family tournament. With flexibility in group lessons, you and your family can learn to be experts at your own pace.

10. Dive Into Water Sports

Your trip to Phuket is not complete without the endless offerings of water sports available in the area. From scuba diving, snorkelling, jet skiing to even jumping onto a banana boat, there are many opportunities for a splashing good time for you and your family. Explore the colourful reefs and fishes swimming below the surface, or get your own scuba diving license (additional costs apply). Either way, there’s no running out of fun to do in the sea!

Phuket is a destination that is packed with endless family experiences to make your family getaway memorable. When there’s so many options to choose from, it’s hard to decide what may be best for your family. That’s why at Club Med Phuket, we help take care of the planning for you with our all-inclusive packages so that you can focus on making memories. Book your package or get in touch with our travel advisor to find out more!

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