Tourists from all over the world flock to Phuket all year round for what this island town has to offer. Not only is it known for its beautiful beaches, the abundance of nature here as well as its amazing food and vibrant nights make it a perfect getaway destination. Whether you are planning to spend three days or two weeks here, you will find that there is always something to see or do everyday!

For those who are looking for a convenient, fuss-free holiday, Club Med Phuket offers all-in-one holiday packages so you can enjoy your vacation with family or friends with absolute ease. Here are some of our top leisure activities thoughtfully curated for visitors to Phuket:

Pick up some new cooking skills

Thai cuisine is world-renowned for being flavourful, exquisitely spicy and complex. So what better place is there to learn how to dish out your favourite Thai dishes than in Phuket! Why impress your friends and family back home with souvenirs when you can cook them a hearty Thai meal upon your return instead? Join us for an unforgettable gastronomy adventure with our Chef who will make Thai dishes simple to learn for everyone.

This cooking lesson is in partnership with Mekhala Living, a Singaporean/Thai whole foods brand that produces organic, all-natural foods and is available to all from age 12 and up. This is truly the best way to remember your wonderful holiday in Phuket!

Be mesmerised by our nightly entertainment

When the sun goes down, everyone comes out to play. Watch our resort be transformed into a lively atmosphere of fun and vibrant lights and sounds. Head to our theatre and get seated under the starry skies of Phuket and enjoy a special performance by our dancers and performers. Thai dance is delicate and a marvel to watch, and perhaps you can pick up a move or two as well! This sight of nature, fire and mesmerising moves will be sure to keep you on your toes all night.

You can also head towards our bar for a night of dancing and festive drinks. Let your hair down and enjoy a night cap with your family or friends, or perhaps even meet new people! The themed nights at our bar will definitely be a fun celebration for all, young or old.

Be invigorated by our pool activities

There are three pools available at Club Med Phuket: a freshwater swimming pool with three areas of different depths, a children pool at the Kids Club for babies and children, and a quiet pool that offers complete relaxation with a breathtaking view that overlooks the Bay of Karon. This quiet pool is only reserved for adults and will have hot or cold drinks available on request.

Whether you’re looking for a suntan session, a leisurely swim or exciting pool activities, our pools can definitely cater to all your needs. At our main swimming pool, we also offer Aquafitness group lessons for those who are looking for gentle exercises that are both fun and effective. Our instructor will guide you through a series of aquarobics moves that will be sure to get your heart pumped and body toned. These group lessons are available for those above the age of 16.

Get moving with fun games

There’s simply no way to get bored when you’re at our resort, with games such as table tennis and petanque on our premises. Pick up a paddle and learn how to play table tennis, whether there are two or more of you. Or why not learn how to play petanque, a French sport akin to bowling that will be sure to end with sweat and laughter amongst your family or friends!

Club Med Phuket is the perfect holiday destination for couples, families and friends as we provide not just five-star stay and hospitality, but also a wide array of activities that ensure our guests have a good time. If you’re heading to Phuket, book a package with us today or speak to our travel advisor if you’d like to find out more!

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