Take a board, some boots and add some snow; it's you and the mountain. Let's ride!


Ski+paragliding - it's the best way to see the domain and ski the mountains

Mountain biking

Twists and turns, skids, jumps and brakes. When the pistes close a whole world opens up. Jump on and go!

Alpine skiing

Down-flex, compress, pistes of all colours, walls, slalom and bumps, it all starts here!


Buckle up. Fasten your biddings to the bottoms of your shoes and start walking through the snow with proper grip!


A wonderful ride, pulled along by our sled dogs. Now all you need is Bing Crosby


A board that never fails to get you down the slopes with plenty of giggles

Cross-country skiing

Originating in the North, use ski poles to propel yourself along, striding forward or side-to-side as you enjoy the countryside

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