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Melissa C Koh - @melissackoh

“Sitting at 1300m high in altitude, I was offered one of the best and most stunning mountainous views that just had me slide into a retreat mode instantaneously. Just got used to waking up to a vast mountainous view every single morning, now how do I reverse this? Too much beauty to take in at once. How is this place even real? I'll be back in the Alps again some day! “

Mr Brown - @mr_brown

We signed Isaac and Joy up with the Mini Club for kids, and the Club Med GOs took care of them from 8.30am till 4.45pm. For two days, my kids spent the time learning how to ski with other kids, and also had lunch and played indoor games with them. That left the wife and I time to either relax in the room, or go out to explore the snow ourselves. Also, we never worried about food in Club Med. We had three major meals a day at the buffet restaurant, and in between there were always drinks and snacks on hand. I have to say our first family skiing trip in below zero temperatures went very well. No one felt too cold and all had fun. I think we are ready to try the Club Med in Hokkaido, Japan next!”

Tay Kewei & Alfred Sim - @zolalfredo @keweitay

“What an exhilarating experience to learn a new sport. It’s so true that skiing is addictive. I'm still moving around imagining I'm on the ski! I guess I'm in a good environment to relax, facing the snow mountains. Thank you Club Med looking forward to my next winter holiday! ❄ ”

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