Whiz through the waves, enjoy speed and thrills and surf on a wave of happiness

Are you planning a seaside holiday? Expand your horizons and explore new passions. How about trying wakeboarding? With pleasure and thrills, discover the great reasons for trying this board sport.

Exercise and get your thrills by wakeboarding

A waterskiing-snowboarding hybrid, wakeboarding is a stimulating, dynamic and exhilarating sport. Fly across the water at breakneck speeds.

Wakeboards are to summer what snowboards are to winter: a wet and wild variant suited to both beginners and hardened riders. Pulled by a motorboat at speeds of around 30kph, find your balance and use the swells to jump your way over the wake.

A thrill-seeker's ultimate adventure! A great way to tone up: loved by board sports fans, wakeboarding uses all the body's muscles and is great for strengthening the abs. Wakeboarding is also perfect if you need to work on your balance. An excellent option for anyone who wants to use their holiday to get in shape and tone up their body.

Wakeboarding is a sport that's accessible to everyone. Even if you're a strong swimmer, a life jacket is required. Ditto for a helmet.

Discover the best tropical wakeboarding spots

Scorching sun, crystal-clear seas and tropical surroundings - the perfect introduction to wakeboarding. Jump in the water and hop onto your wakeboard at the Club Med resorts that offer this activity, which can be included in your package.

Cross the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, the resorts of Kani, Finolhu Villas and La Pointe aux Canonniers are the perfect locations to try out this sport.

Situated on the Mayan Riviera, the Cancun resort benefits from an untouched lagoon perfect for practising your moves.

The Columbus Isle resort in the Bahamas boasts a sandy Caribbean beach from which you can embark on thrilling rides.

Enjoy a memorable holiday by staying at the Brazilian resort of Rio Das Pedras. Head out to the beach's little wooden pontoon. A 5-minute walk from the heart of the Resort, it's the gateway to all the delights water sports have to offer.

*At extra cost

Discover the best Mediterranean spots

Learn to wakeboard in idyllic surroundings: enjoy the rolling swells and fresh air of the Mediterranean coast.

Embark on your own "Odyssey" to the island of Euboea by staying at the Gregolimano resort, which offers group wakeboarding classes for any over the age of 8, and adult lessons* that cater for kids over 11.

At the Palmiye resort in Turkey, you can make the most of your holiday by grabbing a board and heading out to an azur blue sea. You can also join adult water sports classes at the Kemer, which is close to a lively seaside resort packed with bars, restaurants and gift shops.

Adventurous types can go wakeboarding while they're on a Mediterranean Club Med 2 cruise - something to combine with other water sports, excursions and plenty more activities.

*At extra cost

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