5 tips for a perfect relaxing holiday

Holidays are about kicking back and relaxing, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. A little careful planning before you leave can make the difference between a relaxing holiday and a stressful one, especially if you have to pack for a whole family for your annual getaway. Here are our top tips for making your holiday the best it can be.

1. Choose your destination carefully

Whether you’re going on holiday alone, as a couple, as a family or with a group of
friends, it’s important to decide in advance what type of holiday you want – and to ensure everyone is happy with the choice. Relaxing holiday destinations mean different things to different people; while some like deserted beaches and downtime to soak up the sun, others prefer to relax with sports and activities, and others might prefer to immerse themselves in the local culture. If you’re looking for a fun yet laid-back holiday for families, pick a place with plenty to entertain the children, whether that's kids clubs or facilities, and options for separate mealtimes if they’re little.

2. Go all-inclusive

It’s easy to strike a balance and find something for everyone if you choose the right type of holiday, and often that means go all-inclusive. Holiday companies like Club Med offer a huge range of activities and destinations to suit everyone – and choosing all-inclusive removes a lot of stress. One booking takes care of every detail including your flight and transfer to the resort, accommodation, meals, drinks, childcare, entertainment and sports. An all-inclusive holiday will ensure everyone in your group has their own perfect holiday, no matter how they want to relax.

Mark Hodson, editor of the travel inspiration site 101 Holidays, advises: “The key is to get your worrying and planning done before you set off. Going all-inclusive is a sure-fire way to reduce holiday stress, as you don’t need to worry about budgeting and a lot of decision making is done for you.”

3. Spoil yourself

Holidays are also the time to try something new. Book a massage or a body scrub at the start of the trip to get your skin feeling beach-ready and your mind feeling relaxed – especially if you’d never dream of doing such a thing at home! Club Med Spa offers a range of treatments and packages, ranging from facials to massages, using high-quality products including DECLÉOR.

Encourage the children to try something new — whether that’s sailing or paddleboarding, trapeze or face painting, holidays are a time for kids to have fun. Eat at different times, go at your own pace and don’t rush the day. If you feel like reading your book until the sun goes down, do it. If you want to lie on the beach and do nothing at all for three days, go for it — choose somewhere that has family activities and entertainment and the children will be busy all day long.

Be in the present and enjoy every minute of your hard-earned break.

4. Go digital-free

Even the most relaxing holiday destination can be ruined by emails, social media and phone calls — and there’s nothing more annoying than taking children away who are constantly checking their phones and playing games. So why not consider imposing a digital detox and leaving work (and Instagram) at home. The benefits will be felt throughout the whole family, not least because of the quality time you’ll spend together.

The average person checks their smartphone more than 200 times every 24 hours.. Young people are the most active online – spending around three hours a day on their phones.

“Smartphones have become a source of tension on holiday, particularly for families,” says Mark. “For a relaxing family holiday, if you can agree some ground rules on phone usage in advance it will help everyone. For example, no phones at mealtimes and after a certain time in the evening. Parents need to police their own phone usage just as much as their kids.”

5. Home comforts

Everyone likes a few home comforts – even if they’re staying in the most luxurious all-inclusive hotel on a distant desert island. Whether that’s having a couple of good books, taking your favourite shower gel and shampoo, or even your own slippers (carpets are few and far between in hot countries!). If your children enjoy swimming with their own armbands and swimming goggles, make sure to pack them, along with any of their favourite toys.

Mark, who describes himself as “a recovering travel journalist”, has one last tip for a stress-free holiday: “I never travel without a few pairs of disposable ear plugs in my hand luggage – one of the most reliable ways to cut stress and ensure a relaxing holiday, both on the journey and in resort.”

Start planning your own perfect relaxing holiday and explore our range of all-inclusive resorts to find your ideal destination, whether that’s near or far, for your family or just your partner. Club Med has something for everyone.

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