Multiculturalism is our difference and our source of pride with over 80 resorts in 25 countries. With staff from over 100 nationalities serving guests from all over the world, you’ll experience a harmonious blend of people and culture.

At Club Med, we try to offer our differences and welcome those of others. Multiculturalism is not only about people, as you’ll be able to learn about new cultures, discover new tastes with our buffet offering local and international delicacies, including Indian cuisine corners. It makes you grow personally and allows you to live better with others.


Kindness is Club Med’s signature service style and is represented by the G in G.O (Graciouss Organisateurs), G.E (Graciouss Employés) and G.M (Graciouss Membres) which marks our difference. It is all about taking pleasure in giving pleasure.

At Club Med, kindness influences all we do, we are accessible and attentive to those around us, we care for others. We do our best to provide you a quality service to make your Club Med experience truly unique and unforgettable.


Committed to protecting the environment and supporting local communities since 1950, sustainability is an integral part of our daily operations.

Respecting our host country and its population is one of Club Med’s founding principles. Our vocation is to promote the well-being of all concerned, and we could never have established ourselves in countries of such varied cultures if hadn’t built our resorts in a profound spirit of responsibility and respect towards our hosts and staff.


At every Club Med resort, we want our staff and guests to dream big and be free with no constraints and options aplenty. We encourage our staff and guests to fully realize their professional and personal aspirations.

Club Med All-Inclusive holiday is all about giving you the freedom to do as much or as little as you want: discover new passions or develop new skills, meet new people from around the world or build stronger relationships with your loved ones, taste new flavors or enjoy the ones you are familiar with, it’s all about your choice!


From putting a Club Med flag at some of the world’s uncharted locations, to bringing in never-before experiences and activities, we’re constantly on the lookout for the newest innovations to ensure each moment is better than the last.

Pioneering is also about daring to create surprises and knowing how to take risks to answer our clients’ needs and desires. We are proud to offer our guests unique experiences and give them the opportunity to try activities they had never thought of before.

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