Couple getaways need the right mix of experiences to be perfect. Of course, time alone together is one, but other experiences are important too. If you’re looking to run off to Phuket for a while with your sweetheart, then be sure to choose Club Med for your Phuket romantic getaway. With an all-inclusive experience all at one reasonable price—and that’s including private romantic dinners in Phuket — why would you go anywhere else?

Club Med for Your Phuket Romantic Getaway: The Location and Accommodation

Club Med Phuket is located very close to Kata Beach, one of the most bustling beaches in Phuket. With your darling, enjoy a variety of activities such as lounging in the sun under umbrellas, beachside massages, minor shopping, parasailing, surfing (depends on the season), and more on this amazing beach right outside the resort. For lazy days at the beach and calm conversations, nothing much can beat this ambience to make your loved one feel comfortable and pampered.

For times you want to relax in the room, accommodation at our resort are fantastically comfortable. Our superior rooms have all the necessities to make your Phuket romantic getaway a great one, including:

A television to keep you both entertained
WiFi access for more entertainment and to upload all your cute photos to social media
Branded toiletries for that upscale, pampered feel when you go about your hygiene activities
Coffee and tea making facilities for that cuppa you can’t live without (or to give to your sweetheart in the morning).
Balcony with a great view for both of you to get fresh air and a calm environment.

Eat and Drink to Both Your Hearts’ Content at Club Med Phuket

With the one price you pay for your romantic getaway at Club Med Phuket, you get to access the various restaurants and bars we have on-site, and can eat as well as drink to your hearts’ content. Don’t worry about blowing your budget because it’s all included, and that means alcoholic drinks too! Get private romantic dinners in Phuket with your beloved every night of your stay without worrying about cost, all by staying at Club Med. Our available onsite restaurants are as below:

The Mamuang - If you and your darling enjoy heavy meals with a lot of variety, then this restaurant of ours will certainly delight both of you. This buffet-heavy restaurant has a refreshingly colourful interior, and a gorgeous outdoor terrace dining area as well with great scenery. In terms of cuisine, enjoy the variety of international and local offerings that are available all day!

The Chu-da - If impressing your other half with an elegant setting and intimate atmosphere is your idea of romance, the Chu-da will give you the exact environment you need for your Phuket private romantic dinner. With elegant modern decor combined with a touch of Thai tradition, you can choose to dine near the pool on the terrace or indoors in air-conditioning. The food selection at this restaurant are à la carte and you can pair them with a suitable wine. Combined with the ambience, romance is sure to fill the air.

Activities And Excursions to Enjoy During Your Phuket Romantic Getaway

Of course, you won’t just be lazing around all day if you stay at Club Med Phuket (though if you want to, that’s totally okay). You can opt to join a variety of land sports and water sports activities with your partner to make memories and just have a blast together. A few examples of these activities are golfing classes, archery classes, flying trapeze classes, fitness and yoga sessions, scuba diving, snorkelling, and many more. On top of that, you can also go outside Club Med and see the greater Phuket through the excursions we organise (more photo opportunities, hurray!). In the nighttime, we also have entertaining live shows and festive evenings to end your night on a merry note as well. So really, why wouldn’t Club Med Phuket be the best romantic resort for your Phuket getaway?

A romantic getaway should be perfect and act as a bonding experience with your beloved. Here at Club Med Phuket, we offer a variety of experiences you can share together, and even if you are two different people, you can try out each other’s preferences. Strengthen your relationship by booking your stay with us at Club Med Phuket. Your other half will surely be impressed, as will you!

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