Bintan Island is an amazing place to visit, whether for a relaxing beach holiday to unwind and connect with your inner self, or an exciting adventure exploring the less urban side of Indonesian culture. As with any place you travel to, it’s always helpful to know some of the local lingo when visiting Bintan attractions; it will put a smile on the locals’ faces and help them warm up to you even more. Here are some noteworthy terms to know!

Helpful Basic Words/Phrases When Visiting Bintan

When meeting someone in Bintan or anywhere in Indonesia for the first time, use these words/phrases as you see appropriate. They are best accompanied with a pleasant smile and a respectful gentle tone.
Hello - Halo
How are you? - Apa khabar?
Good morning – Selamat pagi
Good afternoon - Selamat siang
Good evening – Selamat sore
Good night – Selamat malam
Goodbye – Selamat tinggal
Thank you - Terima kasih
Excuse me/sorry - Maaf
Please - Tolong

While in a form of transportation and giving directions to the driver, these phrases may be useful:
Right - Kanan
Left - Kiri
Stop here - Berhenti di sini
Wait here - Tunggu di sini
Taxi - Taksi
Can you take me to …? - Bisa antar saya ke …?
How much to go to …? - Berapa harganya ke …?

Good-to-Know Words/Phrases to Use at Bintan Attractions/Hotels

The following phrases are more localised and are certain to impress the local people you come into contact with. We’ll start with the correct way to address different locals:
Older man - Bapak/pak
Older woman - Ibu/bu
Someone around the same age as you or slightly older, regardless of gender - Kakak/kak
Someone younger than you - Adik

Do note that while the term for “you” is “kamu”, this is rarely used in conversation as it is quite rude. So it is best to use the honorifics mentioned above instead. Now, let’s learn some words and phrases that you can use while in conversation with a local for clarification/getting information:
Yes - Iya
No - Tidak
I don’t understand, can you repeat? - Saya tidak mengerti, bisa ulangi?
Can you explain more? - Boleh jelaskan lebih lanjut?
How much? - Berapa?

When visiting Bintan attractions and buying things/being sold to, the following words/phrases may come in useful:
So expensive - Mahal banget
Can you make it cheaper? - Bisa lebih murah?
This is good - Bagus
Discount - Diskon
No, I don’t want - Saya tidak mahu
I’ll come back later - Saya ke mari nanti
Just looking - Lihat-lihat aja
Let me look first - Lihat-lihat dulu

Remember, whatever you say to a local, be sure to use a gentle tone and a pleasant demeanour, even if it’s for turning down their selling efforts. This is in line with Indonesian culture which is respectful and hospitable in nature.

Stay at Club Med Bintan so Nothing Gets Lost in Translation at Your Bintan Hotel

While there are specific phrases you should know if you stay at other Bintan hotels, especially if the staff is not well-versed in English, why not cut out the headache and stay with us at Club Med Bintan Island instead? Our international staff are fluent in English and some even in other languages as well. This way, you know nothing will get lost when you are trying to communicate at the resort, and that you will have the most pleasant experience. For your adventures outside Club Med Bintan Island, the phrases provided above should suffice to let you manoeuvre basic conversation, and will allow you to have the best holiday experience and be your best self without worrying about not being understood. So, go ahead and make your booking with us now!

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