Located on the Riau Archipelago in Indonesia, Bintan Island is a great holiday destination for those seeking a quick weekend getaway. It is only a short boat ride away from Singapore and offers unparalleled relaxation and fun for couples, families and friends alike. With its beautiful pristine beaches, warm tranquil waters, exciting water sports and state-of-the-art golf courses, there’s something for everyone here in Bintan Island!

For those who are looking for a holiday with absolute convenience, Club Med Bintan Island offers all-inclusive holiday packages so you can enjoy your time off in peace. We also provide a vast selection of excursions to different sights and places including Tanjung Uban. Here is some information on Tanjung Uban and details of the tour:

All About Tanjung Uban

Tanjung Uban is the second largest town in Bintan Island, after Tanjung Pinang. Located on the western side of the island, this idyllic town is great for those who are looking to explore beneath the surface and are interested in unbeaten paths when they visit a place.

The town center is also worth visiting as it has seen rapid growth in recent years and you can observe a developing town amidst traditional elements and historical architecture. Most interestingly, you will see unique Bugis stilted homes and floating kelongs here in Tanjung Uban as it is also an important fishing port. Time stands still in this part of town as fishermen cast their nets out or lounge around mending their fishing nets. This is definitely a great place to experience how the locals live!

Also located in this town is the Vihara Guan Di Gong, a temple which houses the Chinese God of War standing majestically at 16 meters tall. Opposite this temple, you will also find the Giant Turtle God Statue which is said to be protecting those who are at sea.

Tanjung Uban Tour with Club Med Bintan Island

The rustic charms of Tanjung Uban can best be experienced with our tour for those who are staying at Club Med Bintan Island. The half-day tour includes all the best parts of this quaint town, including all the sights of Tanjung Uban mentioned and so much more.

You can choose to start at either a local farm or the Guan Di Gong temple, depending on your interest. The local farm grows over 20 types of tropical fruits and vegetables which you can sample as well. Then, you will have an opportunity to stroll through the local market to browse through a selection of local fares. We will then continue with the highlight of this tour which is a chance to admire the 360-degree view at Panorama Hill while enjoying fresh coconut, a must do for all visitors to Bintan Island.

The best way to end the tour is with some souvenir shopping at Lagoi Bay and food at Pujasera Market. Pujasera offers a great selection of local food dishes like ayam penyet, soto, Indomie goreng and pisang goreng at affordable prices. This will satiate your cravings after a whole morning of sightseeing!

Should you need a GoPro, it will also be available at our Excursions Corner which you can use to capture unforgettable memories on any of your excursions with us. You can also utilise the services of our technicians to stitch together a video montage at the end of your trip!

Vacations at Club Med Bintan Island are exciting as our activities and excursions are curated to inject local cultures and experiences for all our guests. Book a package with us today or speak to our travel advisor if you’d like to find out more!

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