Going to a tropical paradise like Bintan, will not be complete if you miss out on the amazing beach and ocean activities available. Stay at Club Med Bintan so you can take part in the activities we provide, including different kinds of water activities. Explore the water sports and be one with nature, while staying at our resort.

Learn to Take Control of the Waves with Club Med Bintan’s Sailing School

If you’ve never been sailing before, don’t worry; One of the popular activities at Club Med Bintan is our sailing group lessons. These lessons run for six days a week, and it’s recommended that you attend all the lessons so that you can learn to handle a sailboat properly. During lessons, learners will be exposed to a variety of sailing skills including recognising and controlling winds, manoeuvring a boat whether as part of a team or alone, managing speed to ensure stability, and much more. The boats are included in the lessons so you don’t need to actually have one, and these lessons are open to those above 11 years old for the adult-level classes. Don’t worry if you have younger children though, because those above 6 years old can join lessons catered specially for their age group.

For those who are comfortable sailing without a guide, there is free access to an area where you can sail on your own. Boats are available for your use, and children above 8 years old can sail while accompanied by an adult. Those above 16 years of age can sail unaccompanied if desired. Enjoy the waves the seas of Bintan have to offer and make it an extra special trip!

Snorkelling at Club Med Bintan And Other Fun Water Activities!

Other than sailing, another popular activity in Bintan is snorkelling, and Club Med Bintan guests can enjoy this activity too! We provide snorkelling initiation group lessons between the months of April and October (the timing is because those are the best months in Bintan in terms of weather and safety). During these lessons, we will teach you how to put on your snorkelling gear properly for an effective Bintan snorkelling experience, and also guide you on how to swim along the sea’s surface to look at a wide array of fish and beautiful coral reef. Definitely an experience not to be missed if you come during the right season!

Besides snorkelling in the seas of Bintan, staying with Club Med Bintan gives you access to other water activities as well. These include:

  • Kayaking - Get into a kayak with a friend or alone and slowly but surely glide along gorgeous waters. Take in the view at your pace, and get great photo opportunities too! Take it up a notch and opt for our glass kayaks if you truly want to see all of your wet environment without needing to swim or snorkel. This activity is available only between May and October during calmer weather periods.

  • Stand Up Paddling - Stand on a paddleboard and balance yourself as you stroll along calm waters of a river or the ocean. If you want to do this with a bigger group, then opt for Giant Stand Up Paddle instead, and test your cooperative skills to manoeuvre the much larger paddleboard.

Enjoy These Club Med Bintan Water Activities And Lots More When You Stay With Us!

Besides activities in the water, Club Med Bintan also offers land sport activities, excursions, as well as a plethora of dining/drinking experiences that you can use to the fullest with one reasonable price. If you want to have a smashingly fun and memorable trip to Bintan Island, then be sure to book your stay with us at Club Med. You will get so much bang for your buck!

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