Looking forward to all the on-site activities you can do at our Bintan Club Med resort? Then prepare to be more excited as we tell you about all the exciting off-site Club Med Bintan activities you can do with the excursions we have offered for you! Some of the excursions below are offered free of charge, while others require a small additional fee. Let’s start!

Get in Touch with Nature

Bintan is a natural treasure and if it’s nature that you love, then there are quite a few excursions you can go on to fill your soul with bliss, surrounded by sights and sounds that evoke peace. These excursions include:
Mangrove Discovery Tour (nominal add-on fee applicable) - One of the Club Med Bintan activities you can do off-site without journeying very far, venture into the nearby mangrove forest by boat going down Sebung River and take in the views of the lush green trees, beautiful flowers, and colourful fruits. When you are done, end the trip on a high note by enjoying a yummy seafood lunch/dinner.
Fireflies Night Tour (nominal add-on fee applicable) - If you’d rather spend the daytime lounging at our Club Med Bintan resort and go out at night instead, this excursion is perfect for you. Go down the mangrove river at night to watch fireflies flying around along the river with their bioluminescent bodies, creating a magical atmosphere.
Sunset Cruise - Get on a luxury yacht with a very quiet engine, and take a marvellously relaxing trip to watch the sun dive into the horizon. Once you are done with that, fill up your tummy with some delicious seafood for dinner and head back to the Club Med Bintan resort for other activities to continue your night.

There are also various other nature activities you can go on, including an upscale mangrove tour on a luxury yacht as well as a trip to Crystal Lagoon Salt Waterpark, where you can engage in a large range of adventurous activities.

Explore Bintan’s Local Culture

Since you’ve already set foot in this part of the world, you may as well maximise your trip and learn more about Bintan’s local attractions and the lives of its people. Do this by going for the following excursions:
Discover Tanjung Pinang (nominal add-on fee applicable) - Head over to the biggest town on Bintan Island and indulge in a top-notch seafood lunch, before heading to a local fishing village via water taxi. Cap off the day by watching the sunset and later at night, a fireworks show.
Lagoi Safari Farm (nominal add-on fee applicable) - Spend three hours on this excursion to visit a local nearby farm, where you can look at a multitude of farm animals as well as local fruits and vegetables. Taste some of the farm’s produce before ending the trip with a seafood lunch/dinner.
Discover Traditional Fishing (nominal add-on fee applicable) - Fulfill your dream of being a fisherman for a day by going on this excursion, where you can hang out with a guide and a local fisherman as they go fishing like in a wooden boat like in ancient times. Learn a few local techniques for catching various seafood, and let your fisherman friend tell you stories of his daily life.

Besides the above, you can visit Tanjung Uban on a half-day trip or go deep-sea fishing and taste your catch after the chefs work on it at the well-known Kampong Kelong seafood restaurant. Ask our staff for more information!

Other Fun Club Med Bintan Resort Excursions/Activities

There are also other more casual excursions you can go on, such as the offered private luxury yacht cruise around Bintan’s tranquil waters, which you can go on in the daytime for a party atmosphere or nearer to sunset for a romantic atmosphere. You can also go for ski scooter rides and fly fishing near our resort. Make your trip to Club Med Bintan resort a fantastic one by going on the excursions we provide on top of the life-changing hospitality we give you within the resort! See you soon!

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