A Cherating holiday is always a good idea if you’re looking for a nearby respite from fast-paced city life. Once you get yourself a great Cherating beach resort package (such as the one at Club Med Cherating), there’s a number of things you can do at Cherating Beach itself to destress and have a wonderful holiday. Let’s talk about some of those things now!

Water Activities: Surf at Cherating and More!

Cherating Beach is the haunt for many avid surfers, and if you are one too, that’s one of the main water sports you can carry out at Cherating Beach! Cherating’s waters and waves are calm enough for new surfers, but also can provide a kick to more advanced ones. Besides taking advantage of Cherating’s surf offerings, you can also take part in other water activities including kayaking, stand up paddling, sailing, yachting, and more. There’s definitely a lot of activities you can do to help you maximise your time in Cherating’s waters!

Visit the Turtle Sanctuary

Right next to our Club Med Cherating resort is the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary, which was set up in 1972 to protect the endangered leatherback turtle. It became open to the public since 1998, which means you can now visit this educational location on the beach. Join in and bask in wonder when they release turtle hatchlings that are old enough to the sea, or when you watch turtles come to shore to lay eggs. There are also several exhibits at the sanctuary to help you understand the state of turtle preservation in this part of the world.

Take a Leisurely Stroll

Cherating Beach offers a laid-back and peaceful environment, so when you stay here, be sure to spend some cooler afternoons strolling along the beach and taking in the view. You can also just lay down or sit on the sand and listen to some tunes as you revel in the slowing down of time around you. Perfect for me time, couple time, or just easygoing moments with the mates, spending an entire day relaxing on the beach is definitely a must-do when you come to Cherating.

Don’t Just Stick to the Beach

Okay, so this is cheating a little, but if you are willing to go a distance away from Cherating Beach, then there’s more to do and see. You can head to Kuantan to see life in the capital state of Pahang, to Sungai Lembing to learn more about the tin mining history of the region, or Kemamam to experience life in another state. Of course, if you are not keen on leaving Cherating, you can also just opt to visit Cherating’s mangrove river to take in more of this beach town’s natural splendour. Go at night if you want to see some gorgeous fireflies light up the darkness!

The Key to Properly Enjoying Cherating Beach: Stay at the Right Place

Choosing the right Cherating beach resort package is key to ensuring you can best enjoy what Cherating Beach and its surroundings have to offer. Located right next to the beach and turtle sanctuary, Club Med Cherating is definitely the best Cherating beach resort package you can sign up for. Our all-inclusive package ensures that you have plenty of delicious on-site dining options, all-day beverages of both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic kinds, a huge amount of land and water sports you can sign up for, and a diverse array of excursions to choose from. With this combination of offerings, you can be certain you will have a holiday to remember at the first Club Med resort opened in Asia, Club Med Cherating!

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