Once in a while, it’s okay to give up trying to align everyone’s schedules, and just have a solo vacation to reconnect with yourself and go on adventure at your own pace. Bintan is a great place to have a solo getaway with its beautiful beaches, Instagrammable hotspots, and cultural attractions will leave you with many good memories and help you destress from real life and give yourself the attention you deserve. Here are some things you need to put on Bintan solo trip itinerary so you can thrive again.​

Visit Some Beautiful Bintan Beaches

Going to Bintan without visiting the beaches will simply be incomplete, so make sure to pack some sunscreen, beachwear, and sunhats to let your hair down by the water. Trikora Beach is arguably the most popular beach in Bintan, so you can go there to mingle with other tourists or explore the local fishing village to get to know the hardworking fishermen or try some local snacks. You can also drop by Pizza Casa Italia restaurant between Trikora and Cabana Beach where you can enjoy authentic pizza made by Italians.

You should also put White Sands Island in your plan, a tranquil, pristine private island that is accessible via a 15-minute boat ride from Trikora. The truly spotless and aesthetic beach is sure to capture a piece of your heart, and you can engage in various water sports there too!

Enjoy Some Well-Earned Me Time in the Spa

Solo trips are especially great for self-pampering because there’s no one around to bug you. Maximise this opportunity by enjoying some spa time. Get a relaxing massage in Bintan or even a facial and body scrub! If you’re looking for a quality Bintan massage, then we suggest visiting our Club Med Bintan Asmara spa. With reasonable prices, an amazing view overlooking the South Chinese Sea, and treatments that will melt your stress away, you are sure to get the high-standard rejuvenation you’ve been yearning for.​

Go to Senggarang Village and Penyengat Island

To truly understand the history and rich culture of Bintan, be sure to include Senggarang Village and Penyengat Island on your itinerary too. Senggarang Village is accessible via boat from Tanjung Pinang, and here you can see a beautiful, rustic Chinese village that seems to be suspended in time. There are also various Chinese temples here where you can learn about the beliefs and history of the Chinese settlers in this part of Bintan.

Nearby Penyengat Island is also a must-visit to understand the history and culture of the native Indonesian people living in Bintan. Learn more about the Johor-Riau empire of the 18th century by visiting tombs of royalty, the old palace, as well as the amazing Masjid Raya Sultan Riau which is built with egg whites and lime, and which has excellent acoustics on the inside.

Venture to Instagram-friendly Spots for Amazing Photos

You may be on a solo trip to a tropical island, but that doesn’t mean your Instagram needs to only be full of pictures of Bintan’s beaches. You should also visit Bukit Pasir Busung, where you can take pictures surrounded by gorgeous sand dunes that make you look like you’re in the Sahara desert. The 500 Lohan temple is also a good spot to take pictures of something different, as well as Grotto San Maria and the aforementioned Penyengat Island plus Senggarang Village. The vastness you’ll see here will be nothing short of an experience that’ll leave your breath taken away by the wonders of the world.

Stay at Club Med Bintan Island to Cover All Your Needs and Meet New People

Being a solo traveller means it can be difficult to go hunting for food and bars without worrying that you are being scammed or misled. Why not solve all your issues by staying at an all-inclusive resort, like Club Med Bintan? By staying with us, you can be sure that all your food and drink needs are catered for with our all-day restaurants and bars, that your accommodation will be comfortable, and that you will have access to a variety of activities where you can socialise with other guests and not feel lonely. Our friendly G.Os will also make you feel right at home! That way, you can focus on what matters: feeling your best self on your best holiday. So, do consider booking your stay with us when you make your solo trip to Bintan!

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