Sharpen your eye to reach the target with lessons offered at Club Med

Do you want to try out or improve your archery skills at Club Med's archery school? Follow the advice of Laurent Pedrinis from Universal Archery, the official resort partner. High level archer, coach and leader of technical workshops, he will explain everything you need to know about this high-precision sport.

Archery equipment

During your first lesson on a Club Med group course, you'll learn all about the equipment used:

Classic archery with or without a scope lens. Scope lenses are fibre optic lenses that are attached to the bow's grip. Our G.Os will get it in focus for you.

Carbon arrows with metal tips and plastic feathers.

The arm guard: these are straps that protect the lower part of the arm that holds the bow.

The finger guard: this protects the fingers that draw back the string.

Archery rules

The following are the basic among a number of rules:

Place one foot on each side of the shooting line.

Once shooting's finished, the monitor will give you a sound signal. This means you can put down your bow and safely cross the shooting line.

Score-wise, once you reach the target, turn over the coloured tabs on the side to see your score.

The inner gold ring wins you 9 or 10 points. The red ring: 7 or 8. The blue ring: 5 or 6. The black ring: 3 or 4. The white ring: 1 or 2.

Club Med is the perfect place to learn archery

Anyone over the age of 6 can join up for archery sessions, which can be included in your holiday package. At the range, your monitor will explain the basics and how to use the protective equipment. You'll then learn how to shoot from distances between 12 and 30 meters from the target (8 - 12 meters for children). It's a sociable activity where concentration and fun go hand in hand.

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