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How is Club Med transport organised?

To get to our Resorts, depending on your destination and package booked, Club Med offers you flights or train rides.

💼 THE BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE is specified on your travel itinerary or ticket. We ask you to stay within these limits; Club Med will not pay any excess baggage charges incurred.

✈️ IN THE STATION, as in most airports, Club Med is available to inform and help you. For some destinations served by the train, Club Med hostesses accompany you to make sure your journey goes smoothly.

🚍 AIRPORT OR STATION TRANSFERS to and from the Resort are included in the Air Package. This is one of the most practical ways to travel. Transfer times shown on the Resort webpages do not include the time needed to complete all formalities (police, baggage collection, customs...).

FOR YOUR PRE- AND POST-ROUTING, we advise you to leave at least 3 hours for a connecting flight in the same airport.


Club Med has always guaranteed you total peace of mind on holiday.

Your children get a taste of freedom and you spend some time not having to think about practical problems, your mind free of all worries.

On a day-to-day basis, these values unique to Club Med result in the G.O® being able to really listen. They know how to engender mutual complicity and trust between their young G.M®. At the same time, all the children stay close to their parents and are free to see them whenever they want during the day.

The G.O. are responsible for the children within the opening times of Baby Club Med*, Petit Club Med* or Mini Club Med and as long as the parents or guardian have duly filled in the presence register available to them, where next to their signature they must specify what time they are leaving their child, what time they will pick her/him up and where they can be contacted.

👶 For the Baby Club Med* and the Petit Club Med*
This registration also serves as a communication tool. Thanks to the booklet, the parents or guardian can find out about the meals, nappies, sleep and more for their child. They can also, if necessary, pass on their comments or recommendations on this book.

🚸 For the Mini Club Med
When the register has been signed on arriving, the G.O® give the child of 4 to 7 years old a bracelet clearly indicating they belong to the Mini Club Med. The 46 Club Med Resorts offering Juniors' Club Med supervision welcome juniors from 11 to 13 years old all year round and 14/17 years old during the school holiday periods. They are only in the charge of the G.O® during the activities organised for them and offered on an as you please basis and are in no way supervised constantly.

Club Med is doing its best to put safety measures in place to protect everyone. Nevertheless, we ask you to keep a permanent eye on your children when they are not doing a supervised activity and are, in particular, around the swimming pool, even if monitored, or on the beach.

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Which airline(s) does Club Med work with?

Here is the list of our main airline partners (international flights):

✔️ Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia, Singapore Airlines, Air Mauritius, Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways & more.

This is not an exhaustive list. We are likely to offer you other scheduled or non-scheduled air transporters.
These companies are authorised to serve national territories by the relevant civil aviation authorities.

What do the abreviations G.O and G.M mean?

It was in 1950, in the first Club Med Resort, in the Balearic Islands, that the term "G.O", an abbreviation of "Gentil Organisateur" (Gentle/Kind Organiser), was first used.
A label of quality produced from the imagination of holidaymakers who were ding out about Club Med for the first time. One good turn deserves another, so these pioneers were in turn christened: "Gentil Membre" (Gentle/Kind Member) or "G.M".

Can I still use my bar books?

Bar books are no longer in use in the Club Med Resorts.

Is it compulsory to take part in the proposed activities?

"Your Stay, Your Way"

In our Resorts, freedom and respect for others take precedence over everything.
You are therefore 100 % free to take part or not in the different activities and events organised by the G.O.s

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What does "Drinks and Snacks Included" mean?

With your mind free, treat yourself all day long: breakfast at the bar for the late risers, tasting fruit juices and refreshing fizzy drinks by the pool, sociable moments among friends at aperitif time ... The joy of being together and celebrating in a warm and friendly atmosphere, this is also one of the advantages of the " Drinks and Snacks Included" service !

"Drinks and Snacks Included" mean:

✔️ The drinks of your choice to quench your thirst throughout the day and the evening: water, fizzy drinks and fruit juices, hot drinks, local and international brand spirits, alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails. Champagne, VSOP spirits for an extra charge. Drinks served by the glass and at the bar only: bottles and cans are available in automatic vending machines or in the Boutique (at extra charge).

✔️ Tasty snacks to fill you up: extended breakfast, late lunch, afternoon snack, aperitif appetizers, nibbles in the discotheque... (will vary depending on the resort).

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Club Med is committed to offering a wide range of culinary options to its G.M’s that require special dietary assistance.

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What does the Club Med "All inclusive" formula include?

The Club Med "All inclusive" package includes, depending on the resorts:

✔️ For the Resorts with "Drinks and Snacks Included": The drinks (1) of your choice throughout the day and into the evening ! water, fruit juice, fizzy drinks, coffee, tea, chocolate, beer, wines, aperitifs, cocktails, rum, whisky, gin... both local and international brands. There is an extra charge for the Champagne and VSOP spirits. As many snacks as you want for hungry moments ! gastronomic meeting points for enjoying the activities of the resort at your own pace: late breakfast, late lunch, afternoon snack, nibbles in the discotheque... Club Med Snacking includes different sweet and savoury snacks such as: salads, fruit, dairy products, cookies, pizzas, hamburgers, hot dogs, savoury flans, nachos, tapas... (1) drinks served by the glass and at the bar only. Nevertheless subject to availability and the right Club Med reserves to refuse to serve a GM, if they are judged to be too ill or too inebriated.

✔️ Entertainment... more than ever, your senses will be awoken to experience some unforgettable moments plus ! Throughout the day, events are organised based on themes like sport, music or even the culture of the country. Performers and top-level sports players sometimes come and share their experience with you.

✔️ All your meals during your stay, in one of our restaurants: sumptuous buffets, creative chefs, culinary variety, the Club Med table is an event in itself each day. At all meals, 3 types of menu are proposed: a discovery menu, a fitness menu and a universal menu.

✔️ A multitude of sports, taught at 3 levels, depending on the resorts, by dedicated and qualified G.O, on land, on sea, in the air or under the water, Club Med is one of the biggest sports schools in the world. At your own pace, choose between free access, beginner courses, discovery or advanced courses in one of our 50 sporting disciplines. For the ski resorts, lessons and a 6-day ski lift pass.

✔️ For the Family Resorts: The supervision of your children, from 4 years old, at the Mini Club Med and from 12 years old at the Juniors' Club Med. A child's kingdom, Club Med can pride itself on having unmatched experience in this field. Against nurseries par excellence, everything is done for the happiness of the little ones with varied and original activities.

✔️ Access, depending on the resorts, to top-quality infrastructures for additional services*: sports courses*, passport* and fitness treatments* or even supervision of the youngest children from 4 months* or from 2 years old*... you choose. All these services are delivered in the best of conditions and the structures are especially adapted to each discipline. The qualified G.O will accompany you from day to day. From thalasso, to taking official scuba diving diplomas... you can't fail to be tempted.

✔️ Flights and direct transfers between the airport and the resorts (for the flight + stay formulas only).

✔️ Access to many services(2) making your holiday and day to day life easier: depending on the resorts, Club Med boutiques* , internet kiosk*, massages*, Discovery area*, dry cleaners*, laundry*, green fees bookable at reception...

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