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Experience the thrill of island adventure with family-fun activities on our endless turquoise playground

Discover new ways to play and unwind together at Club Med Kani all-inclusive resort where a 2-kilometre stretch of private beaches, encounters with marine life, and exciting water sports welcome families to revel in infinite possibilities and pursue every…

Soar into the Skies

Take to the open air for a sky-high view of the island. From way up here, the vistas stretch out to the horizon. Down below, the clear-blue waters are dotted with peaceful islands, stretches of sand, and waters brimming with life. Discover one of the most beautiful places on Earth from up above through thrilling air activities.

Explore Heaven on Earth

From lounging on our pristine beaches to exploring your passions for exciting water and land activities, revel in pure bliss at our Club Med Kani playground. Children will delight in days of fun at the Happy Children’s Corner. Together, dress in all white and discover the magic of the Maldives during a white dinner on the beach where the lapping waves set a serene backdrop to the evening ahead.

Dive into underwater journeys

Experience up-close encounters with vibrant marine life at Club Med Kani. The sparkling waters of the Maldives are home to a seemingly endless variety of colourful fish as well as turtles, sharks, manta rays, and myriad coral. Dive deep to explore the mysteries of life below and uncover ways to preserve our natural wonders. Make a splash in our underwater world and create lasting memories for the whole family.

Share Sky-High Experiences

What better way to experience all Club Med Kani has to offer than by taking to the skies? Soar high above it all and share the exhilaration of flight with the whole family. From up here, the endless views of the island and turquoise waters will give you the thrill of a lifetime.

Beginning December 2018, fly high on Club Med Kani’s signature trapeze for a taste of the circus life. Take in views of the sparkling waters of the Maldives from above and spend time sharing an exhilarating adventure as a family. Experience the rush of a Flyboard water craft, swoop off into the air in our seaplane, or take in the natural beauty of our island on a parasailing experience. There’s no better way to experience our haven escape.

Dive into the Mysteries of the Deep Blue Sea

For those seeking a snorkeling adventure, swim amongst schools of tropical fish, turtles and even sharks. Reserve a picnic snorkelling excursion followed by a delicious seafood lunch, feel the thrill of a jet-ski snorkelling journey, or enjoy a submarine excursion. You can even join our instructors for a scuba diving experience. Feel the rush of adrenaline by day or go night diving into the deep by moonlight to witness nocturnal rays and glowing fluorescent corals. With lessons for all levels guided by Euro-Divers, this is an encounter like no other.

Explore Beautiful Sights Earth Has to Offer

Experience the bliss of heaven on Earth in our Club Med Kani island playground. Day and night, white beaches and crystal-clear waters enchant all ages, just beckoning to be discovered.  Walk out into calm lagoon waters for a playful moment in our overwater swings. With a blue horizon stretching out in the distance and a soothing sea breeze, find your perfect moment away from it all. Wake up or wind down to guided yoga by the beach, go sailing on turquoise waters, take a cooking lesson as a family, build sand castles, enjoy a relaxing paddle boarding experience, or dance the night away. Cap off the day at a lively dinner on the beach and celebrate into the night together at our White Party. Your perfect paradise awaits.

Club Med Insider Bootcamp

Looking for travel and adventure? Enjoy crafting inspirational content for diverse audiences? Then you might just be what we’re looking for. Club Med is on the lookout for creative content creators to participate in our inaugural Insider Bootcamp. Selected finalists will get the opportunity to live it up at one of our most desirable resorts in Club Med Kani, where they will undergo a series of challenges over 4D3N in the turquoise paradise of the Maldives. Only one will emerge as the first ever Club Med Star Insider. Do you have what it takes?

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High-Flying Trapeze

Welcoming you from 1st November 2018, our trapeze will give you and your family a taste of circus thrills. Soar into the sky on our signature trapeze. This all-new thrilling sport gives you a bird’s eye view of our Maldives paradise.

All-New Diving Center

Discover the newly opened Diving Centre at Club Med Kani, your gateway to the unforgettable wonders of the sea. Perfect for first-time divers and experts alike, the centre is fully equipped, and features a learning centre dedicated to marine life exploration and scuba-diving activities.

Conducted by reputable Euro-divers Worldwide which has over 40 years of teaching experience, you can look forward to safe, exciting and professional scuba-diving activities. Classes can be conducted in 5 languages (English, French, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish) by the instructors in the training rooms to ensure that you get the best learning experience. Take the plunge and enjoy the thrill of a firsthand encounter with the thriving marine life of the Maldives.


Starting 1st December 2018, set sail on our twin-hulled catamaran, which has 4 cabins and can host up to 12 guests. Head out into the open waters with the whole family and take in invigorating views of the turquoise sea out in every direction.


Strap into a flyboard jetpack for an exhilarating water sport you won’t forget

Take to the skies on a flyboard adventure. This unique activity takes you up into the sky, flying through the air and over the water in front of the resort. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Discover the thrill of a personal water craft that uses water to propel you up to 15 metres into the air. Ages 5 through 12 will ride tandem with an instructor, while G.Ms 12 years old and up can choose a tandem ride or ride solo under our instructor’s supervision. There are always experienced instructors on hand to ensure a safe experience. Flyboarding is available every day, so you can keep learning new skills and having even more fun.

*Additional costs may apply.


Take part in various snorkelling experiences, and enjoy an up-close encounter with vibrant marine life

The crystal-clear waters of the Maldives are brimming with sea life. At Club Med Kani, you can choose between these not-to-be-missed offers to discover what makes this destination so unforgettable:

Allow our G.Os to organise a boat trip, available twice daily, and go on a snorkelling tour. During this exciting adventure, you will often have the chance to see a variety of colourful fish, including snappers and box fish, as well as turtles, sharks, and various types of coral. This unique experience is part of our all-inclusive offering.

Try the turtle safari where a team of experts can also take you to a protected snorkelling area where the turtles come to feed. Uncover magical snorkelling locations where you will enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime underwater experience during our turtle safari. Take part in this incredible opportunity to be up close to these amazing creatures and see all matter of life just under the surface.

To take your underwater discoveries even further, Club Med Kani offers diving activities from our brand-new diving centre. This modern, state-of-the-art facility will introduce you to our underwater world. Here, you will learn more about marine life in the safest environment with certified, highly-trained instructors.

*Additional costs may apply.


Build your coral frame and rebuild the underwater world together

Enjoy a vacation with a purpose while spending a memorable time with your loved ones. Create your very own coral habitat for marine life on your own frame. With a web-like pattern and a strong metal structure, these frames will last a lifetime. Led by our own marine biologist, you will learn a valuable lesson on conservation while taking part in the greater good. Choose the size coral frame you prefer, attach coral of your choosing, and place it in the sea to begin a new reef where fish will come to explore. Then, follow the evolution of your coral with photos posted regularly on our partner Reefscapers’ dedicated online platform. There’s nothing more rewarding than participating in preservation in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

*Additional costs may apply


Uncover the magic of the sea while you snorkel on our MobiReef snorkelling tour

Club Med Kani has partnered with SM² Solutions Marines to create a fun, educational underwater trail, the only one of its kind in the Maldives. Follow our marine biologist as they take you on an exciting snorkeling tour only 50m from the resort where you’ll learn about marine life, how to preserve it, and to understand the importance of Kani’s diverse flora and fauna. Here, you will learn about underwater life like clownfish, small fish, grouper, snappers, box fishes, and a variety of soft and hard coral. You will visit a number of reefs brimming with life and discover signs with helpful information and games about all that surrounds you. It is unlike any other snorkelling excursion, and a truly memorable experience for families with children ages 8 and above to share.


Indulge in a lively dinner on the beach and celebrate into the night at our White Party

Discover the magic of the Maldives during a white dinner on the beach along the sea and lapping waves. Dress in all white and gather on the sand where white linens wrap the tables and chairs. Savour a fresh seafood barbecue buffet, as well as Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and Indian specialties, a dinner with a French touch prepared for your enjoyment. As the night goes on, the entertainment and live music set the scene for an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

Choose your favourite: sand or sea?

The turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, white sand and palm trees. The Resort reflects the extraordinary beauty of this garden island. Wander one way and see bungalows nestled in the gardens and on the beach. Stroll in the other direction and see the Ex…

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Manta Exclusive Collection

Experience a modern escape where endless turquoise vistas meet a haven of relaxation. The Manta Exclusive Collection offers overwater suites with privacy, exclusivity and thrilling activities at its own private beach and overwater bar. Whether seeking a restful reprieve for two or a complete package of adventuresome encounters, uncover your own perfect paradise.

The Manta Exclusive Collection space, exclusively for guests staying in the overwater suites, now welcomes children from 8 years old.

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Enjoy a playing field as vast as nature itself

Welcome to the world's biggest sport academy: Club Med. On the water, on the ground or in the air: the all-terrain activities on offer are mapped out just for you. With coaching from your G.O®, experience new sensations. Or find joy in improving your tech…

Resort welcoming children from age 2, with children’s activities from 4 years old.


Happy Children's Corner

At Club Med Kani, children enjoy a place all their own. Children aged 4 to 10 and 11 to 17 can take part in a variety of games, sports, and creative activities with a dedicated G.O® by their sides every step of the way. Here, young adventurers can play & learn through activities such as cooking lessons, face painting, sandcastle making, coral propagation and flying trapeze. Children ages 6 and up can even dive into challenging water sports like sailing and kayaking.

Children remain under the responsibility of parents during meals. For more information please refer to Club Med app.

Welcoming children from age 4 to 17 years old

From 4 to 17 years

  • included

New since 1 July 2016, children aged 4 to 10 and 11 to 17 enjoy unforgettable days of games, sports and creative activities, with a dedicated G.O®.

My Club Med app

  • included

Browse personalised suggestions, choose activities with one click, or find all the information you need about your Resort. Our app is easy to use, so you can focus on something much more important: having a great holiday with your family or friends!
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Family tournaments & games

  • included

Puzzles, sports tournaments, treasure hunts, sand castle competitions and skill and logic games. Playing together brings you closer. Team up with your children and compete against other families. Enjoy time with your nearest and dearest.
Activities vary between Resorts

Family show time

  • included

Sit back and enjoy the show: your children at Petit Club Med, Mini Club Med, Junior Club Med and Club Med Passworld are about to take to the stage. Depending on the Resort, there might be dancing, singing, circus acts and more. Your little ones take centre stage, costumed and directed by their G.Os. When the crowd applauds, you can feel the pride in the room.

Wellness activities

Retreat to a blissful spa escape to pamper the soul and rejuvenate the body. Step into a space of pure relaxation where a variety of body and beauty treatments have been created with you in mind.


  • Individual and duo treatment rooms

RegenerationOver 5 days

Extra charge

Age : adults only

Time dedicated to relaxation.

16 treatment(s)
2 Warm Stone Massages (50’).
1 Spa Manicure (60’)
1 Spa Pedicure (75’).

Spa Sampler (2 treatments): 1 Balinese Massage (50’), 1 Refresher Facial or 1 Foot Massages (30’).

Pure Indulgence (10 treatments) : 2 Aromatherapy Floral Foot Baths (10'), 2 Lavender Body Washes followed by 2 Traditional Body Scrubs (45'), 2 Aromatherapy Floral Baths (15'), 2 Balinese Massages (50'), 2 Refresher Facial or 2 Foot Massages (30’).
You’ll receive a complimentary 50’ balinese massage when you pre-book this treatment.

Body & Soul3 days

Extra charge

Age : adults only

Revitalising and regenerating treatments for body and mind, for a totally relaxing holiday.

8 treatment(s)
1 Warm Stone Massage (50’).

Spa Sampler (2 treatments) : 1 Balinese Massage (50’), 1 Refresher Facial or 1 Foot Massages (30’).

Pure Indulgence (5 treatments) : 1 Aromatherapy Floral Foot Bath (10'), 1 Lavender Body Wash followed by 1 Traditional Body Scrub (45'), 1 Aromatherapy Floral Bath (15'), 1 Balinese Massages (50’), 1 Refresher Facial or 1 Foot Massages (30’).
You’ll receive a complimentary 50’ fancy foot work or pure natural facial when you pre-book this treatment.

Balinese Massage1 day

Extra charge

Age : adults only

Our most relaxing massage, harnessing the therapeutic properties of 100% pure essential oils. Used for centuries to renew, strengthen and heal both body and mind, this traditional therapy combines stretching, long strokes, skin rolling and palm and thumb pressure techniques to relieve tension, improve blood flow, ease stress and calm the mind. It can also help to improve the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular and nervous systems.
1 treatment(s)
1 Relaxing Massage with Essential Oils (50')
You’ll receive a complimentary 30’ foot or back massage when you pre-book this treatment.

Fancy Foot-Work1 day

Extra charge

Age : adults only

The most blissful ride your feet will ever take you on. It’s like reflexology without the ‘ouch’. Based on the same therapeutic principles of its ancient ancestor, this foot massage will help to release toxins and restore your body’s energy flow. And it feels like bliss at its celestial best.
1 treatment(s)
1 Foot Massage based on principles similar to Reflexology (50’)
You’ll receive a complimentary 30’ back massage or refresher facial when you pre-book this treatment.

Warm Stone Massage1 day

Extra charge

Age : adults only

The healing power of touch combines with the energy of the earth in this relaxing, muscle melting massage. Smooth, warmed stones glide across your body in long, flowing strokes. The heat helps to relax the muscles and has a soothing effect on your emotions. Simultaneously, stones are placed on the body’s various energy points to encourage the body’s healing potential.
1 treatment(s)
1 Warm Stone Massage (50’)
You’ll receive a complimentary 30’ foot massage or refresher facial when you pre-book this treatment.

Pure Indulgence1 day

Extra charge

Age : adults only

An exotic, luxurious and unforgettable celebration of indulgence.
5 treatment(s)
1 Aromatherapy Floral Foot Bath (10')
1 Lavender Body Wash followed by 1 Traditional Body Scrub (45')
1 Aromatherapy Floral Bath (15')
1 Balinese Massage (50')
1 Refresher Facial or 1 Foot Massage (30’)
You’ll receive a complimentary 50’ fancy foot- work or pure natural facial when you pre-book this treatment.

Pure Natural Facial1 day

Extra charge

Age : adults only

Mandara Spa’s signature facial is rich in enzymes that can peel away dead skin, antioxidant vitamins to protect and treat the cells from environmental (and self-induced!) pollutants and natural oils for deep nourishment. We use only natural ingredients with no harmful preservatives or additives. There are three options for different skin types, relying on nature’s life-force to restore the equilibrium and deliver a vitamin and mineral burst to your skin.
Preserve :a cleansing and rejuvenating facial for normal skin.
Renew: a fruit acid facial for treating environmentally damaged skin.
Enrich : a nourishing facial for dry or mature skin.
1 treatment(s)
1 MANDARA Facial Treatment with Natural Nourishing Oils (50')
You’ll receive a complimentary 30’ foot or back massage when you pre-book this treatment.

The Vehli

Savour from the selection of delicious international and traditional Asian dishes, as well as healthy options, on offer at The Vehli. Served buffet style, guests can sample from a generous variety of dishes. Dine out in the refreshing open air along the terrace and enjoy a memorable meal together.

The Kandu

Set in the shade along the azure waters of the lagoon, encounter a relaxed yet refined dining experience for all the senses. The Kandu offers a la carte lunch and dinner and late buffet breakfast menu options such as fresh fruits and pastries, cereals, pancakes, and egg dishes. The restaurant also serves two evening menus, including one lobster menu at additional cost served with foie grass or sashimi. To drink, beverage selections include wine, beer, and soft drinks. Please note: Tables seat 2 to 8 people. Reservations must be made one day in advance at Kandu Restaurant.

The Kaana

Specializing in light bites, Kaana offers a delicious selection of Asian soups, tapas, sandwiches, and a variety of small plates to savour.

Open in the afternoon and into the evening, this restaurant’s casual yet sophisticated backdrop invites memorable meals shared together.

The Sunset

Whether for a cooling libation by day, or a wind-down beverage as evening approaches, take in peerless views of the stilted, Maldives water villas and glittering lagoon from this relaxing reprieve.

The Iru

Set along the lapping waters of the peaceful lagoon amidst the perfect Maldives weather, The Iru is the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing beverage amidst comfortable modern seating on the sand. Under the shade of swaying coconut trees, The Iru bar is a restful reprieve for a freshly mixed or poured libation.
In the evenings, the Iru bar transforms into the chicest place in resort, an experience you won’t soon forget.

The Manta Exclusive Collection bar

From June 2019, come to discover our new designed Manta Lounge. When sunset approaches, there is no better way to cap off the perfect day than to sip chilled Champagne and enjoy a selection of savoury appetizers like sushi rolls, finger sandwiches, and samosas from 6pm at the Manta Lounge Bar.

The Manta Beach bar

Launched in the middle of May 2019, our Beach Bar welcomes you at any time of your day as a real cozy living space. A breakfast in the morning, some selected appetizers before noon, a Premium coffee after lunch, a healthy juice or a crepe in the afternoon, and a crafted cocktail to close the day, everything has been made for an ultimate experience.


The Maldives in brief

  • Surface area: 238 sq km

  • Capital: Malé

  • Official language: Divehi

  • Currency: the Rufiyaa.

Make the most of your stay at Kani to discover the natural beauty and fascinating culture of the region.

Towns nearby:

  • Malé is 30 km from Club Med by boat.

The lively little capital is a great contrast with the islands, where the pace of life is much slower. A very pleasant and friendly town, where you can visit the national museum, admire the Grand Friday Mosque and visit the fish market.

Vaccinations and medical treatment

It is your responsibility to check all the necessary formalities before departure.

Vaccinations recommended:

Hepatitis A and B

Mosquitos can transmit certain viral or parastic diseases, so the use of tropical mosquito repellents for the skin and clothing is recommended.

A resident nurse is on site and a doctor specialised in scuba diving is available at Club Med Kani.

Passport validity of 6 months after return date. Maximum stay of 30 days per visit.


Discover new ways to play and unwind together at Club Med Kani all-inclusive resort where a 2-kilometre stretch of private beaches, encounters with marine life, and exciting water sports welcome families to revel in infinite possibilities and pursue every passion.

  • Holidaying on Club Med's own private atoll
  • Swimming in a turquoise lagoon, and lazing on a white sand beach
  • Trying the local grilled fish at the Kandu restaurant
  • Exploring underwater life on the coral reef or being pampered at Club Med Spa by MANDARA
  • Enjoying the privacy of the 5Ψ Luxury Space in a luxury 70 sq metre Suite on Stilts

Practical information

  • P.O.BOX N 2051
  • Archipelago of the Maldives - Kani MALDIVES
Malé International Airport
35 minutes journey to Resort

What's included in your stay

  • Full-board Gourmet Cuisine
  • Bar & Snacking
  • Sports & Activities
  • Day & Night Entertainment
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In the Maldives, an Island Paradise within a Turquoise Lagoon

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