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Ever wondered how many temples there are in Bali? Or how Leonardo Da Vinci shaped the snorkelling gears we use today? Read on to embark on a journey through history like never before.

In partnership with HISTORY™, we've launched a series of videos guaranteed to intrigue your curious minds. Scroll on and be fascinated by the historical wanders of Asia.


3 fun facts you probably never knew

Muay Thai, the official national sport of Thailand, can be traced all the way back to the 14th century

It started from Nai Khanom Tom, an expert in hand-to-hand combat, who single-handedly defeated 9 Burmese fighters in a wager for his freedom.

Guests of all ages can master this ancient art of combat through Thai boxing lessons in Club Med Phuket, alongside other authentic cultural activities.

Watch the video to understand the origins of Muay Thai, and other vibrant Thai cultures

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