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Discover the enchanting snowy landscapes of Canada, inviting you to a wonderland brimming with exciting activities. Amidst pristine beauty, Club Med Quebec Charlevoix emerges as your portal to an unforgettable holiday.

Nestled in Quebec's captivating province, Club Med Quebec Charlevoix offers astounding views of the majestic St. Lawrence River. Beyond the beauty of the resort, activities for all ages are available, so both adults and kids can experience truly immersive joy. Here are some things you can do during your Canadian winter holiday:

Winter Activities in Canada

Immersive Skiing Adventures

Easily one of the best things to do in Canada - create cherished family moments in the heart of the Canadian winter by skiing down world-renowned snow powders.

Imagine gliding down pristine trails, surrounded by snow-covered mountains and crisp Canadian air. Our resort provides an experience suitable for all skill levels. Beginners receive expert guidance, while seasoned skiers can conquer challenging slopes

Ice Skating on Frozen Lakes

The quintessential Canadian winter pastime – ice skating on frozen lakes. Our resort offers a magical ice skating experience where families can glide gracefully over the smooth surface while surrounded by breathtaking white landscapes. It's a perfect activity to enjoy fresh air and create joyful moments with loved ones.

Hiking Snowy Mountains

For those seeking a different thrill, Club Med Resort offers snow-mountain hiking. Guided by experienced guides, families can explore the winter landscape together, creating lasting memories amidst snow-laden trees and the serene St. Lawrence River. Trails are designed for all ages, ensuring everyone can revel in the joy of winter exploration.

Dog Sledding Adventures

Embrace the true Canadian winter experience with exhilarating dog sledding adventures. Feel the rush as a team of energetic huskies pulls you through scenic trails blanketed in snow. Led by experienced mushers, this unique activity allows families to connect with nature while witnessing the beauty of the Canadian wilderness.

Snowshoeing Through Winter Wonderlands

Explore Canada through a different lens with snowshoeing adventures. Designated snowshoe trails are available for all skill levels. Families can trek through snow-covered forests, marvel at frozen waterfalls, and immerse themselves in the serene beauty of the Canadian winter.

Enriching Family Enjoyment in Canada Winter

Reach new heights of family-friendly fun with a trip to Canada during winter. Better yet, stay at our ski resort for an all-inclusive experience.

Ski down scenic trails, hike snowy mountains, or enjoy the natural beauty of the St. Lawrence River - every moment at our resort is crafted for family enjoyment. Our commitment to simplicity, epicureanism, nature, luxury, and freedom ensures your winter escape isn't just a vacation but a heartwarming experience for all ages.

Enquire with us for more information on Club Med Quebec Charlevoix.

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