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When it comes to corporate meetings, Club Med resorts redefine the conventional, offering an array of benefits that will set them apart as exceptional meeting venues.

Here’s an exploration of why resorts, particularly Club Med, make the best corporate meeting venues:

1. Versatile Meeting Spaces:

Club Med resorts feature versatile meeting spaces that cater to a range of corporate needs. From intimate boardrooms for executive discussions to spacious conference rooms equipped with modern audio-visual technology, there's a perfect venue for every type of business gathering.

We Recommend: Club Med Phuket, Thailand
Capacity: Club Med Phuket offers 3 different corporate meeting rooms with 4 seating options that can accommodate small to large groups up to 300 pax.
Amenities: Newly renovated rooms with modern audio-visual equipment, flexible seating, and professional event support.

2. Inspiring Natural Surroundings:

Escape the typical office setting and harness the power of nature at our hotels with meeting rooms. Club Med resorts are often situated in scenic locations, providing a refreshing and inspiring backdrop for a business meeting space.

We Recommend: Club Med Guilin, China
Capacity: 8 meeting rooms suitable for various group sizes.
Amenities: Panoramic views, modern facilities, unique outdoor spaces for breakout sessions, and only 60 minutes from the airport.

3. All-Inclusive Convenience:

Simplify logistics with all-inclusive packages. Club Med takes care of everything, from complete business meeting rooms and accommodations to meals and team-building activities, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

We Recommend: Club Med Bali, Indonesia
Capacity: Various business meeting rooms for seminars and incentive groups up to 200 pax.
Amenities: All-inclusive MICE packages, team-building activities, and professional event coordination.

4. Team Building Opportunities:

Enhance team dynamics with built-in team-building activities. Club Med resorts offer a plethora of options, fostering teamwork and collaboration.

We Recommend: Club Med Opio en Provence, France
Capacity: Meeting rooms with diverse seating arrangements and a conference capacity of 600 seats.
Amenities: Team-building activities, outdoor spaces, and wellness options.

5. Professional Event Support:

Rely on the expertise of Club Med’s professional event planners. Dedicated teams are available to assist with every aspect of your corporate meeting, ensuring a flawless execution.

We Recommend: Club Med La Palmyre Atlantique, France
Capacity: Multiple business meeting rooms with flexible setups and a conference capacity of 370 seats.
Amenities: Professional event support, customised meeting packages, and modern facilities

6. Exclusive Privacy:

Enjoy the luxury of a private corporate meeting space. Many Club Med resorts offer the option to book exclusive areas, providing an intimate and focused environment for your corporate gathering.

We Recommend: Club Med Phuket, Thailand
Capacity: Meeting facilities for different group sizes up to 300 pax.
Amenities: Private meeting spaces, stunning surroundings, and top-notch services.

7. Exceptional Dining Experiences:

Elevate your corporate meeting with exceptional dining experiences. Club Med resorts boast a variety of culinary options, from casual buffets to fine dining, ensuring a delightful culinary journey for your team.

We Recommend: Club Med Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Capacity: Meeting rooms designed for various group sizes and a conference capacity of 600 seats.
Amenities: Culinary diversity, themed dinners, and personalised catering options.

Club Med resorts provide an unparalleled venues for corporate meetings. The combination of versatile meeting spaces, inspiring surroundings, and all-inclusive convenience ensures that your business gatherings are not only productive but also memorable and enjoyable for all participants.

Book a Club Med Meetings & Events Space for your next corporate meeting. Enquire now!

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