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As jet-setters, time is a precious commodity. But what do you do when the call of adventure just can’t wait for a block of time to free up in your schedule?

Club Med 2's Mini Cruises offer the perfect solution - imagine indulgent luxury in a fraction of the typical duration. Squeeze in a quick luxurious family holiday with these swift journeys to the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Join us onboard!

All-Inclusive Water and Land Sport Activities

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean or the Mediterranean for a curated selection of water sports. From exhilarating snorkelling excursions to private yacht charters, every adventurer’s desire is met.

Aside from a list of water sports activities, access to top-tier cardio training rooms, seawater pools, and other wellness workshops awaits. Our experience ensures that, even in the midst of a brief escape, you can immerse yourself in a world of adventure tailored to your tastes.

Free Flow Restaurants and Bars

Luxury knows no bounds on our luxury cruises when it comes to dining. Carefully curated menus feature a fusion of global flavours prepared by world-class chefs.

Enjoy beautiful views of the seascapes at our onboard restaurants, each offering a unique culinary profile. What do you feel like having? The catch of the day at the seafood grill? Or perhaps a fusion dish at our Mediterranean-inspired bistro? Whatever your taste, every meal is a celebration onboard Club Med 2.

Meanwhile, the bars onboard are stocked with premium selections. We invite you to savour the finest wines, spirits, and cocktails while basking in the glow of the setting sun. The best part? All food and beverage is all-inclusive* for your ultimate peace of mind!

(*in-room dining for suites available at additional cost. Contact us for more information.)

Spacious Cabins and Decks

Even though your voyage is short, comfort is still non-negotiable. Our cabins are meticulously designed to feel like havens of tranquillity (family-friendly options available). Step inside for a panoramic ocean views and plush furnishings. The expansive decks on our five-masted yacht provide private oases for relaxation, with ample space to lounge in the sun or enjoy intimate moments under the stars.

Redefining Luxury on Mini Cruises

Our Mediterranean and Caribbean cruises cater to your every desire, regardless of your schedule. Conquer your fear with our extreme water and land sports, savour gourmet cuisines, and enjoy live entertainment before finally retreating to the comfort of your spacious cabin. We offer some of the best European cruises for a short and sweet escape. Enquire with us for the latest itineraries onboard Club Med 2.

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