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Unleashing Curiosity: Top Destinations for Educational Field Trips

In the ever-expanding landscape of education, international school field trips are more than just academic outings; they are transformative experiences that foster cultural understanding, camaraderie, and a broader worldview. Delve into ideal destinations for international school trips that will combine learning with adventure and fun.

Club Med Kiroro Grand, Japan

Nestled in the snow-laden landscapes of Hokkaido, Japan, Club Med Kiroro Grand opens their doors to students of all ages. From exhilarating skiing experiences to cultural immersion, Kiroro Grand provides a perfect blend of adventure and education. The slopes cater to everyone, including young learners, making it an inclusive destination for an educational visit.

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Club Med Tomamu, Japan

Another gem in the Hokkaido region, Club Med Tomamu, offers a unique perspective on nature and wildlife. Students can engage in a variety of winter activities, from snowboarding to exploring the nearby Ice Village*. The resort's commitment to providing enriching experiences for children 2 years old and up makes it an ideal destination for school trips abroad for children and teens.

*Available at additional cost. Enquire with us for more information.

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Club Med Phuket, Thailand

At Club Med Phuket, students embark on an immersive journey into the heart of Thai vibrancy, where culture meets warm hospitality. Here, friendly G.O.'s extend a heartfelt welcome, ensuring a comfortable and engaging stay for your group.

Dive into snorkelling expeditions to vibrant coral reefs or savour local delicacies at a barbecue party. For a truly unique experience, students can participate in the Elephant Care Adventure*, fostering connections with these majestic creatures while promoting ethical treatment.

Give a different spin to the usual school trip and plan a fundraising event together with local foundation partnerships. Students can contribute to initiatives ranging from local schools to global organisations. Let Club Med M&E specialists organise fun, meaningful fundraising activities, including sports and games for a wholesome international school trip. Forge friendships with locals while giving back to society!

*At additional cost

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Club Med La Caravelle, Guadeloupe

At Club Med La Caravelle in Guadeloupe, the Junior Club Med beckons. Catering to kids 11-13, this special Club Med facility offers a dynamic blend of land and sea adventures, perfect for memorable student trips abroad. For older teens aged 14-17, the focus shifts to honing skills in team sports and fostering camaraderie.

Students are able to find their niche in age-appropriate groups, ensuring tailored fun and experiences guided by dedicated G.O®s. The freedom to choose from a spectrum of sports and creative activities becomes a catalyst for natural friendships and personal growth.

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Club Med Quebec Charlevoix, Canada

Club Med Quebec Charlevoix, in the heart of Canada, introduces young G.Ms (Gracious Members) aged 11-17 to the vibrant world of Club Med Passworld. Here, adventure knows no bounds, and friendships are forged through shared sports and unforgettable moments - perfect for fun educational trips. With diverse activities and the freedom to choose, young minds broaden their horizons and create lasting memories.

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Club Med Marrakech La Palmeraie, Morocco

Club Med Marrakech La Palmeraie in Morocco is not just a resort; it's a gateway to the cultural and historical richness of this enchanting destination. Kids, in particular, can partake in a plethora of excursions that unravel the country's heritage, making it ideal for memorable educational field trips.

Embark on a one-hour camel ride through the palm grove, starting right from the Club Med ranch. Beyond the resort's boundaries, an array of iconic landscapes beckons exploration. From the mesmerising Agafay desert to the coastal allure of Essaouira and the majestic Atlas Mountains along the Kasbah road, each excursion unveils facets of Morocco's rich cultural and natural tapestry.

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International school trips transcend textbooks, creating lasting memories and imparting life skills. Whether on the snowy slopes of Hokkaido or exploring the wonders of Morocco, these destinations inspire students to embrace diversity, fostering a generation of global citizens.

Enquire now on the latest group travel packages for envious international school trips that stand out above the rest. Let us help you foster student creativity and imagination like never before.

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