Need to get the kids moving more artfully? These printables help you go through yoga poses with your kids and join in on the fun as they wiggle and giggle through the sequences. Even better, come up with your own creative poses and names while hashtagging #ClubMedatHome on Instagram.

Download printables here

Trident Pose

Represent Club Med’s famous Trident logo:

1. Put your hands in the air along each side of your head.
2. Stand straight with your feet close to each other.
3. Hold the position for a longer period, to make this pose more challenging.

This position reinforces the muscles in your shoulders and arms.

Archery Pose

Visualize yourself in archery class with the Mini Club:

1. Separate your legs, and turn your shoulders over toward one of your sides, left or right.
2. Make sure your back leg is strong and stable.
3. Fix your eyes on a target and extend one arm directly in front of you.
4. Use your other arm to shoot your imaginary arrow, and repeat several times.
5. Feel free to make the “fsshhh” noise as the arrow splits the air to meet your target!

This pose develops self-confidence and focus.

Trapeze Pose

Imagine you just climbed the ladder and are at the top of the flying trapeze platform:

1. Reach out your hands in front of you and pretend you’re holding the trapeze bar – like you’re ready to jump into the air!
2. Make sure your feet are hip-width apart
3. Bend the knees as much as you can with your heels on the ground.
4. Keeping your back straight and strong, look in front of you.
5. When you hear “hip” you can jump!

The stillness of this posture strengthens your glutes and back muscles.

Seashell Pose

Picture yourself walking along the beach, as you discover beautiful seashells:

1. On your knees, sit on your heels and drop your head in front of you.
2. Touch your feet with each hand and close your eyes.
3. As you stay still, take several deep breaths... do you hear the waves of the ocean calling you or is that your deep

This pose relaxes your body and connects you to your breath as you open your rib cage and stretch the back.

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