Whether or not you're having bad dreams, get everyone in the house to put on their craft hats and make some of these dreamcatchers that you can personalise however you want by following these simple steps.

You'll need :

  • A paper plate
  • A hole puncher
  • Paints
  • Coloured strings
  • Feathers

Follow the steps below or download them here

Step 1

Cut out the middle of the paper plate so you're left with a circular ring.

Step 2

Punch five holes around the inner diameter of the plate.

Step 3

Paint your plate in whichever colours you'd like.

Step 4

Cut off a long piece of coloured string. Tie it to the hole at the top of the ring and begin weaving the string in and out of the other holes, creating a star shape-like pattern as you do.

Step 5

Punch 3 holes at the bottom of the ring and tying strings to each other them, attach a feather to the end so they dangle down. If you don't have any feathers, cut some feather shapes out of drawing block and paint them.

Step 6

Punch another hole at the top of the dreamcatcher and tie a string or a ribbon through so you can hang your masterpiece up in your bedroom, preferably near your window.

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