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Imagine this: lounging by a sea-water pool on a beautiful dark mahogany deck with service staff tending to your every need. As you look to your right, the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea beckon.

Discover a unique blend of tradition and modernity as you embark on a journey like no other aboard Club Med 2. Available all year, our luxury cruise vessel sails on routes across the Caribbean and Mediterranean seas.

The ship boasts five majestic masts, 2,700 square metres of teak deck, and mahogany rails, offering 184 cabins that combine simplicity and sophistication. Enter a realm where wealth, tranquility, and pure pleasure reign supreme.

The Four Guiding Principles of Club Med 2

As you set sail on Club Med 2, you'll find that four guiding principles shape your journey: wellness, a festive spirit, a profound connection with the ocean, and the sheer delight of discovery. These principles infuse every moment of your luxury cruise experience, leaving you with cherished memories.

The Luxury of Choice: Cabins and Suites

Club Med 2 is not just a cruise; it's a short escape to true opulence. This 360-capacity ship features six decks with a range of accommodations to suit every taste. Choose from 168 superior cabins, each covering 18m², or opt for one of the five deluxe cabins, offering a spacious 24m². If you desire more space and luxury, there are ten 36m² suites, as well as one lavish 40m² armateur suite. Your cruise adventure begins with a selection that perfectly matches your preferences.

Family-friendly cruises are also available with spacious cabins and all-inclusive activities for those wishing a luxurious family experience.

An Epicurean Journey

When it comes to dining, Club Med 2 spares no expense in offering a variety of exquisite options. Le Saint-Tropez, located on the highest deck, beckons with a quintessential buffet experience from sunrise to sunset. Dine under the sun by the waves or in the cosy indoor dining room, all while savouring a relaxed ambience.

The Monte-Carlo

The elegant yet friendly atmosphere of Le Monte-Carlo promises a gourmet experience like no other. Relish in delectable seasonal gastronomic menus focused on fresh local flavours, crafted in collaboration with FERRANDI Paris, the French School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management. It's the perfect spot for a culinary adventure.

In-suite dining is also available for those staying in the suites*, offering a variety of room service dishes prepared by the chef. Satisfy your cravings from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

*At additional cost. Contact us for more information.

Sip and Savour: Bars on Board

While on your luxury cruise, enjoy the ambience of The Yacht Club, a refined bar welcoming you in the evening. Once a week, the captain extends an invitation to a welcome cocktail, making your experience even more memorable.

Porto Fino

Located on Deck F, Porto Fino greets you early in the morning and offers a more subdued evening atmosphere with background music. Later at night, the dance floor invites you to keep the party alive, ensuring endless fun.

Saint Barth and Cannes

Take a refreshing break at Saint Barth, situated on Deck G, or head to Cannes on the aft of Deck E, facing the pool, and enjoy a magnificent view of the ship's wake.

An Abundance Of Activities

On Club Med 2, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to cruise activities to keep you entertained during your voyage. Aside from the fitness centre, you'll find a multitude of water activities included in your package at the nautical hall*.

Never run out of things to do on your cruise when on board Club Med 2. Experience the thrill of water skiing and wakeboarding, discover the art of sailing and windsurfing, or explore the underwater world through snorkelling. Embrace tranquillity on a stand-up paddleboard or indulge in the excitement of wingfoiling and windsurfing. Wakeboarding, Tiwal, Hobie Mirage Eclipse, and paddle boarding are also on the agenda.

*Access to the nautical hall is available only when the yacht is at anchor and subject to weather conditions.

Plunge into Luxury: Cruise Ship Pools

Explore the two stunning pools on the cruise ship. The Deck G Pool offers a seawater oasis on the highest deck of the yacht. Meanwhile, the Deck E Pool, also with sea water, provides a serene space for relaxation and tranquillity, whether it's day or night. Dive in and experience true luxury.

Yoga by Heberson

For those seeking wellness, embrace a rejuvenating yoga class led by instructors trained in Heberson Oliveira’s techniques.

Vibhava Yoga, which means "evolution" in Sanskrit, offers a complete and accessible practice for everyone. Enhance your muscle strength, flexibility, breathing, and concentration through exercises, postures, relaxation, and meditation.

Practise at your own pace & listen to your body whilst surrounded by endless sea and sun - achieve deep relaxation the Club Med way!

Wellness Workshops
Wellness workshops inspired by Yoga are also available. Choose from relaxation and meditation, breathing, back pain, strength, and endurance workshops. Each one adds a layer of tranquillity to your luxury cruise experience.

Customisable Spa Treatments

Indulge in relaxation with customisable facial and massage packages, perfect for individuals and couples. Let the natural surroundings enhance your spa experience, promising tranquillity you've never known.

Unforgettable Excursions

Club Med 2 offers more than just the pleasures of the ship itself. Daytime stops are an absolute must, allowing you to discover the most beautiful sites and jewels of the Mediterranean or Caribbean. The best part? You have the freedom to leave and return whenever you desire. Beach shuttles operate continuously, ensuring you can enjoy even the warmest nights at your own pace.

Accompanied Excursions
For a deeper immersion into local culture, opt for our guided excursions*. Every day presents new opportunities, with an optional excursion program tailored to the stops along the journey. To make the most of your experience, consider booking your excursions before departure.

*At additional cost. The excursions are non-interchangeable and subject to change based on weather conditions and local authorities. Contact us for more information.

Night-Time Magic

As the sun sets, the magic of the night begins. The nights may seem too short on this fabulous five-masted ship as it continues its journey under the stars. Each evening brings a delightful surprise orchestrated by a team of talented G.O.s who never lack imagination in creating unforgettable moments for you.

Evening Soirees on Teak Deck
Picture yourself on the teak deck, the breathtaking sunset serving as a backdrop while the gentle sea breeze invites you to cocktail parties. Jazzy notes float from the bar, setting the mood for a night of elegant enjoyment. Club Med 2 upholds tradition in style, with chic attire required for the captain's dinner - an absolute must on your itinerary.

Year-Round Adventures

Whether you're seeking sunshine in the heart of winter or a summer escape like no other, this luxury cruise will fulfil your heart’s desires, sailing all year round through the Caribbean and Mediterranean seas.

In the Caribbean, you'll set sail to explore otherworldly locations like the Bahamas, the Grenadine Islands, and Yucatan. These pristine paradises, with their crystal-clear waters and powdery beaches, will become your playground.

Meanwhile, the Mediterranean cruises aboard Club Med 2 are equally enchanting. The azure waters take you right to seaside towns like Monaco, Sicily, and Portofino - places that epitomise the charm of the Mediterranean coast.

Set out on a voyage and gift you and your loved ones an extraordinary experience. Enquire with us for the latest information on our cruises and itineraries today.

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