North & Central America

Re-conquer the New World! Between the Arctic Circle and the Caribbean Sea, discover snow-capped mountains and sandy beachfronts. Or explore Central America, and walk in the footsteps of great civilizations such as the Mayas, while admiring the wide range of animal and plant life to be found in the fertile forests.

Mexico is a colorful country with a sub-tropical climate, a rich culture stemming from the fusion of Spanish and Meso-American influences, and... Did we mention the beaches? The country boasts a host of emblematic sights and pleasant surprises. The only hard thing will be deciding where to start!

The United States? East Coast, West Coast... Everything is magnified here. Florida, for example, doesn't just enjoy beautiful coastline, but thousands of miles of coastline! Not just an amusement park but a world-renowned Magical Kingdom. And its nickname of the Sunshine State says it all!