A rich history and a varied landscape await you in Europe. Majestic Alpine mountains rise up from the green and pleasant castle-dotted land. Whether you're looking for a beach or culture vacation, you won't be disappointed. With world-renowned museums and miles of stunning coastline, there's something for everyone.

France enjoys a well-deserved reputation for world-class gastronomy, an art of living drawn from Paris' café culture, top ski resorts, magnificent Mediterranean beaches, and so much more. Vacations in France are guaranteed to leave you with lasting memories.

Greece is renowned for its turquoise waters, cloudless skies and bright sunshine. The ideal backdrop for vacations encompassing exploration of historic archeological sites, Mediterranean cuisine in Greek tavernas, and indulgent relaxation alone or in the company of family and friends.

The "bel paese" of Italy is the birthplace of the Roman Empire and later, the Renaissance. From the skiable Alps in the north, to the Mediterranean beaches of the south, the country blends history with contemporary culture, dynamic cities, typical villages and breathtaking landscapes.

Portugal moves to the beat of fado and pimba music, which will become your soundtrack as you discover its enchanting cities and typical villages, mountain towns and coastal fishing villages. Savor freshly baked pastel de nata, olives, cheese, red wine or the refreshing vinho verde.

Sicily welcomes visitors with mountainous volcanic landscapes, including the iconic peaks of Etna and Stromboli. It also boasts a temperate Mediterranean climate, a heritage blending Classic, Byzantine and Baroque influences, as well as the unique Sicilian culture and fine gastronomy. Che bella!

Fine cuisine, splendid landscapes, the marvels of Istanbul, the beauty of the beaches… Turkey offers all this and more. There's something to charm all ages and tastes during a discovery-packed vacation on the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas: the Bosphuros, Cappadocea, Anatolia and the ancient cities.