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East meets West in an explosion of different landscapes and cultures. Asia is home to white sandy beaches, snow-topped volcanoes, sparkling blue seas and dramatic vistas. For cultural marvels, look no further than the traces of its ancient dynasties, the vine-covered temples and historical traditions. Zen is the word!

Breathtaking scenery, verdant tropical forests and crystal azure waters: the islands of Indonesia make for an ideal getaway with their blend of gastronomy and traditions, surf and turf, water sports, golf and... pure relaxation and soaking up the sun! Any vacation activity is a worthy one!

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A blend of the old and new is a striking aspect of Japanese culture. From formal tea ceremonies to the latest technology, enjoy a fascinating and enchanting vacation in the Land of the Rising Sun. Explore the Okinawa coral reefs, trek in the lush Hokkaido mountains, and savor Japanese delicacies.

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Kabira Ishigaki


Geographically split by the South China Sea, Malaysia has two distinct sides. From the architectural spires of Kuala Lumpur to the thick Sarawak jungles, Malaysia boasts a range of unique experiences. It's also home to some of the most amazing beaches in the Pacific. But shh... don't tell!

Why is Thailand such a beautiful destination? The country brings together natural beauty, an intriguing culture, shining temples, world-renowned food, countless beaches - it's virtually all coastline - and the hospitable and friendly Thai people. Discover all this for yourself!

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The world's oldest civilization will astonish you with awe-inspiring ancient vestiges and strikingly modern structures. A feat of human construction, the Great Wall joins natural wonders, such as majestic mountains, bamboo forests, and calm lakes. Ultimate comfort awaits you after your sightseeing.

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