Africa & Mauritius

With a unique mix of the traditional and contemporary, Africa is known for its contrasting character. Fertile forests, arid deserts and expansive savannas meet bustling capitals hiding the vestiges of ancient civilizations. Hospitality comes as standard, the food is deliciously spicy and the sun is ever-present.

Morocco is a study in contrasts: resolutely eastern with Arab and Berber influences, Spanish and French at times, and home to imperial cities. It boasts a strikingly diverse geography from the Atlas Mountains to the Mediterranean Sea, right up to the arid Sahara and its refreshing oases.

Senegal is renowned for its splendor, rich musical heritage and cultural diversity. With the golden tropical beaches lined with coconut and palm trees, this country is an ideal vacation destination for fishing, boating, golf and tennis or easy relaxation. The choice is yours!

Deemed as Africa's most relaxed and hospitable country, Tunisia also offers a rich cultural heritage, golden sandy beaches, bright blue Mediterranean waters, and lots of sun which all adds up to an ideal holiday destination. Add tennis, sailing, beach time and me-time and you've found perfection!

Mauritius boasts a patchwork of pristine beaches, majestic mountain ranges, coconut palms, rare indigenous plants and a plethora of rivers, streams, and waterfalls. Whether sporting activities or indulgent relaxation spell out vacation for you, Mauritius has it all.